wear biker boots with jeans

Why & How to Wear Biker Boots with Jeans

wear biker boots with jeans

Biker boots (also referred to moto boots) were in fashion about 10 to 15 years ago but after that when people started wearing large pants, these biker boots were overlooked. Now from last few years, boys and girls start wearing skinny jeans so the fashion to wear biker boots is back again. Most of the young girls love to wear skinny jeans, legging and capri pants and biker boots are the perfect match for that dressing. More than boys, girls like these long boots which covers the ankle and some part of the leg as well. Young girls believe that they look cool and stylish while wearing a skinny jeans or leggings along with these moto boots.

We will talk about how to wear moto boots with jeans later in this article, but before that, we will discuss few benefits of wearing biker boots or moto boots for girls and the boys.

  • Protection from Injuries: The biker boots are specially designed for motorcyclists. While you are on a bike, you are at high risk because there are a lot of road accidents. A biker boot will cover your feet perfectly and it also provides protection to the ankle. Hence biker boots are best to prevent any injuries during bike accidents.
  • Protection against Cold Weather: The biker boots are long and are made of high-quality leather which provides you feet protection against the weather. During winter, when you are driving your bike at high speed, the cold breeze can be dangerous for your feet and can lower the blood circulation. If you wear a biker boot, you can protect your feet and ankles against cold weather.
  • Look Stylish and Awesome: Every girl and boy wants to look cool and stylish. There is nothing better than the stylish biker boots especially when boys wear the biker boots with their jeans and girls wear these boots with capri pants or with leggings.

In short, it is very important to wear biker boots while motorcycling to not only protect yourself from injuries and unpleasant weather but also to look different, stylish and cool.

How to Wear Biker Boots

There are different ways to wear biker boots with jeans or leggings. There is no rocket science in wearing a biker boot with jeans. You just need to be sure that you wear a skinny jeans or legging if you want to wear biker boots. Open pants will not look cool if you wear biker boots with them. Many girls wear the biker boots in a wrong manner which fails to get the attention of others, they have their jeans over the upper part of the boots.

But if you want to look cool and stylish, remember you have to tuck your jeans inside the biker boots. These boots have no laces. Almost all the biker boots come with the buckle so when you tighten the buckle around your legs, and your jeans is inside the boots, you look cool and everyone will notice you as you will look different from others. It is not necessary that you must be motorcyclist if you want to wear a moto boot. You can wear these boots with jeans even if you are going to your nearest market to shop something. You can read more about the combination of biker boots and jeans on various review sites. Just Google it and you will find much information on the topic.

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