ZeroCabin is a Wonderful Off-Grid Living Shelter

Zerocabin is an England based outdoor gear manufacturing company which is famous worldwide for its quality products. A team of experts from this company has created a small off-grid cabin at Puma reserve in southern Chile which comprises 280 Sq ft (26 sq m) area.

The decor for this cabin is classical and simple and glass windows are provided at suitable locations for fantastic outdoor views. The cabin is best for vacation and weekend retreats which is available for shipping worldwide.

This is a two story cabin which is built on a wooden platform, basic structure of the cabin is made from wood and metal sheet cladding. To maintain internal temperature, recyclable bio- gradable insulation has been provided in the cabin.

On ground floor, there is combined living /dining area with a sofa which is convertible to bed, a fold able table, a small kitchen and a small bathroom with composting toilet. Double bedroom has been provided on first floor which is accessible through a set of steps.  A wood burning stove is installed for heating food and boiling of water.

The cabin gets power from a roof mounted solar power system, the cabin is also equipped with a rainwater collection and purification unit which enables inhabitants to use rainwater for drinking and domestic use.

According to company customers can order a “DIY container kit” which includes most of the materials needed to build their own (with just the timber sourced locally), or only the off-grid tech and plans if preferred. The cabin is available in various other models to meet with local conditions and client’s requirements.


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