7 Comfortable Summer Kids Bed DIY Ideas

Kids like to spend more time outdoor during summer, outdoor beds for kids with some accessories can include luxury and style to your backyard . Quality wood bed frames and outdoor daybeds are very expensive if you compare them to other outdoor furniture items. It is a great idea to build wooden bed for kids by utilizing wood that you have, during the weekends. DIY daybeds and outdoor beds are very economical.

My collection of outdoor beds and daybed designs for kids may inspire all who like DIY projects to build a nice bed.

1-DIY Pallet Swing bed

Check out this cool idea of outdoor pallet bed .Get a pallet  packing platform from local machinery store, hang it under at a  tree and add some accessories to have an economical and good looking pallet bed.

Image source Pinterest.com

2-Wooden bed with Triangular Roof

Create a wooden bed by following the plan shown below .The plan is very simple to follow if you are good at DIY and have some wood working tools.

Image source httpsplaytivities.com

3-Wooden Bed with Roof

This is a nice outdoor bed for little ones,  the plan is not difficult to follow for this cool bed.

Image source Pinterest.com

4-Hanging Swing Bed

Local skilled person can create a hanging clothes bed for you as per image shown below. This is very good looking and most desired bed for kids.

Image source Pinterest.com

5-Parachute Kids Swing

Try out this swing bed for little ones.This is simple and easy idea.Buy  parachute swing from market and hang it in outdoor at suitable location.

Image source httpsplaytivities.com

 6-Wooden Elevated Bed with Roof

Create a wooden elevated bed , the plan is super easy to follow for this type of bed.

Image source Pinterest.com

7-Plastic Bed

Outdoor plastic beds are available in the market in many designs and colors .Invest in plastic bed according to your choice and budget.

Image source Pinterest.com


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