DIY Pallet Planters Project

DIY pallet planters are taking the world by storm. They are renewable, occupy less space, offer lots of varieties and easy to take care of. Out of all, they are very economical which makes them quite popular. The most favorite material for pallet planters is wood.

For those of us who are trying it for the first time, the idea of DIY pallet planters can leave us a bit nervous. But, in reality, is quite easy. You just need some usual things in hand to start making it.

Items needed: Clean pallets, sandpaper, hammer, landscape fabric, few nails (1 inch each), paint (non-toxic), paintbrush, a bag of soil and some saplings.

Before starting, let’s just keep in mind that it takes a bit of patience when trying the DIY pallet planters for the first time. Afterwards, you would get the drift and begin to enjoy it more!

Steps to DIY Pallet Planters:

  1. To begin with, choose some wooden pallets of your choice, depending on whether you want a vertical garden or a bed or
  2. Use sandpaper to remove roughness of the wood.
  3. After the wood is made smooth, paint it with your favorite color. Preferably, use a non-toxic paint, in case you want to grow some herbs or edible plants!
  4. Now, lay the pallet face down and use fabric to cover the back, sides, and bottom of the Fix it using hammer and nails every few inches.
  5. In the last step, slide the plants in, and pour the soil on the pallet and push it through the slots. Tightly pack the soil.
  6. Stuff it with a lot of plants to hide the soil. And your DIY pallet planters are ready!


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DIY Rustic pallet planter Designs

Wooden pallets are too much handy and feasible to make different things for our sweet home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY Pallet planters. Although there are so many types and designs of planters which are available in the market and you can get them at your doorstep just by one click by online order but handmade planters have their own rustic look. You can make your own pallet planters at very low or even no cost. You’ve just to gather few things which are required for this DIY project and utilize some free moments from your busiest life schedule.

If you are interest in DIY pallet planter designs then choose one of below pallet planter designs that is fit for your home garden. Don’t worry about pallet as these can be get at very low cost from industrial scrap or at a hardware store in your nearest location. I’ll suggest to get good quality pallets as it will look rustic in your home garden. After getting the pallets, sand these pallets with instrument to make wonderful handmade pallet planters.

Assemble the pallets with steel nails and bolts with each other as per DIY pallet planers plan. To give it wonderful finished look you can paint it with different colors of your own choice however wooden pallet planters already have rustic look by default. Here are some luscious DIY pallet planter ideas for you.

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Woody fence designs

Pallet fencing ideas:

Hello folks. Do you want to build a fence which costs you nothing? Yes, you can build zero dollar fences by using pallets. The style of the fence depends on the way you slice the pallets and then assemble them. If you want to make your fence really unique then paint it with perky colors. You can also make it look trendy by painting it with dull colors. The fence of your house reflects your taste.

Making fences:

In order to make any kind of fence cut pallets in vertical and horizontal slices. Then bolt them to give the shape of a fence.


This outdoor fence covers the borderline of your house and makes it look more beautiful. Moreover, it serves a protective boundary too.




The dog fence would be great for dogs or goats and it can be very easily made. It is very sturdy. It is super cheap and can be reconfigured too.




If you have a backyard then this fence will make look it more dashing and inviting. Put some plants near the fence to make it look prettier. You can also use dark pallets to make the backyard fence as this will add to attractiveness of the yard.




This light woody fence is perfect for your coffee area or your deck.





You can build a short fence and place it around your plants. This is good for the protection of your plants.



You can build a modern fence for your house which will make your house look more prevailing. This fence also has spacing for plants. You can also fit light bulbs in it too.




This eco fence is made by slicing pallets in squares and then fastening them together with the vertical slices. This fence is fit for your backyard too.




Use dark colored pallets to build your  play-area fence to make it look embellished.



This pallet fence decorated with vivid flowers looks simply awesome.




Make your balcony look more appealing by using this balcony fence.


Using pallets to make accessories for your home.


Sometime you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to make your home look appealing. You can use the cheap available resource to make your home captivating. Pallets can be used to make furniture and other accessories needed in your home. You can make benches, chairs, tables, shoes racks and other useful items from pallets.

DIY swing bench.

Do you need a swing bench for your back yard? Or do you have a garden or a pack and you are in need of benches and seats? Well worry not. You can make swing benches out of cheap materials from wood pallets.  Three pallets are enough to make one swing bench. Swing benches are ideal for parks and gardens.

DIY patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


DIY pallet bed.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.


DIY kitchen utensil holder.

You can hang on pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.

DIY pallet pet bed. 

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.

Build It With Pallets

There is great trend of wooden pallet recycling around the world. People are in search of innovative Pallets project and share their ideas with each other through electronic media. Guess what you can build with pallets? From a small chair to family pallet house, everything is being built with pallets.

Wooden pallets are so handy and customizable that one can build his own household things with pallets. Pallets can be get easily at very cheap or no price because pallets are discarded after once used. So you can get pallets from nearest hardware store or industrial scrap.

What you can build with pallets? Here are some ideas about pallet projects if you like to build your own pallet made items. Either you are in home or outside you’ve to deal with chair and table. It means table and chair is very dire need of home. If you build a table with pallet it will cost you just at material cost and will give your indoor, outdoor a rustic look.

diy wood pallet furniture

People percept that pallet made furniture is an old age trend but it’s not reality you can recycle pallets and build your own rustic modern pallet furniture. There is a great trend of pallet using in creating integrated-storage space in home like integrated storage under the stairs. Building kitchen pantry under the pallet stairs.

There is great trend of building pallet stairs especially in pallet tiny homes. It really gives a rustic look to living space and cost less than other structure.

stairs build from wooden pallets

If you’re interested to start home gardens that pallet are also very important for this idea. Someone can build raised pallet vegetable garden by recycled pallets.

raised pallet gardens

A multi-purpose counter, either in kitchen or in any available space in your living home, can be built with pallets. Same like a table built with pallets give a rustic look to your living space and will enable you to serve your friend and family members with refreshing meals or a hi-tea.

homemade pallet table

You can look below a potting bench out of pallets which can be used for different purposes. It can be used in kitchen to store your kitchen items and as a potting bench as well.

DIY pallet potting bench

Fencing around your home gardens is also necessary to keep them safe from animals or kids access. So pallets are much feasible to build a fence around the gardens. It means there are variety of pallet recycling plans to build it with pallet of your own choice.

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DIY All in One Pallet Project

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DIY stairs from palletsImage Source


Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

If you want to have recycled pallet table designs in your home or department, this will be a perfect project for you. Everything you need to prepare for this assignment are wooden pallets different tools like saw which will help you to make wanted size, nails and hammer. Popularity of pallets using is increasing more and more with every day, because people realized that they can create various forms of home unique wood furniture.

You can make DIY pallet coffee table for your living room, yard or homemade cool pallet table for man cave. The procedure is simple, first you have to cut the pallets with the saw. Depending on the size of the table you can sort a few pallets, one to another, and attach them with nails so you will get stable platform desk. Put the movable dots on table structure if you want to have flexible table which you can move all around the house or garden. On the end choose if you want to put the glass plate on it and to give modern look to your amazing pallet table project.

But you don’t have to make a table which will be only use for decoration and drinking coffee, when you can create chess wood table very easy. Paint the table with white colour and the spots for figures in black colour. That will be funny entertainment when you have free time on weekend and you want to relax from the hard work. Your possibilities are limited by your imagination and your imagination can bring to you unexpected extraordinary results.

DIY wooden coffee table

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DIY Unique Coffee Table

Homemade pallet coffee table

Building a coffee table from pallets

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Innovative pallet recycling ideas

Rustic Pallet Table with wheels

Modern Pallet coffee table

DIY Outdoor Pallet Deck Ideas

For people who have house or cottage in the countryside or a mountain, this will turn out into very interesting and useful deck idea. Everything you need for this homemade useful yard deck are pallets and tools. Pallet are so easy to find and they are so inexpensive, that this creative project won’t take you away a lot of money and time.

Before you start building your outdoor wooden deck you need to prepare the ground. Measure and choose the right lever of ground, then put the control fabric on ground and you can surround fabric with bricks if the weather is windy. When you set the base, you can start to line up the pallets. But pallets are not all the same size and shape, so cut them with saw to make them as much similar you can achieve.

That was one of few options that you can use to make DIY amazing pallet deck in front of your house. The other option is to bring the sand to your yard because it will be easier to achieve the same level for pallets. All the pallets cover with pallets planks that you cut earlier and attach it with hammer and nails on recycled pallets.

You can leave your pallet deck in native colour or you may paint it with some bright colours to achieve cool and incredible result. This homemade recycled pallet deck may serve you, to place garden furniture with table and chairs that you can decorate with flower pots or you can construct a platform for the pool. Choose the best option for your garden and create your one pallet deck oasis for enjoying in hot summer days.

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Awesome Pallet Tray Designs

This project will most attract the attention of those people who like to enjoy weekend by staying in bed longer,to awake slowly and get their breakfast in bed. But these useful product doesn’t have to be used only in that purpose, when you can make DIY pallet table decorative tray where you may put some ornaments to make coffee table look more beautiful and fashionable in your department or house.

It’s very easy to realize this creative idea, because you just need to prepare recycled pallets and tool box, and your working action can begin. You can find pallet in the nearest store if you don’t already have them in garage or take it from a friend if they do not want to use them. They are also very cheap, so collect all needed materials and start with your homemade gorgeous pallet tray project.

You can make rustic pallet tray for your living room, just make the wanted shapes and sizes of wooden pallets and stick the pallet planks with strong glue. This will be perfect decoration for your table, where you can put your favorite books, candles with that smell great, vases with flowers or some other ornaments and item that you think that would give to your room chick and modern touch.

For kitchen create white pallet tray where you can puts kitchen preparations or make DIY awesome tray breakfast design which you will use to surprise your partner in the morning. You can also make some colorful pallet tray which you can paint with bright colours or use interesting fabric prints to decorate your tray.

DIY Green Pallet Tray

DIY Pallet Project Design

DIY Old Pic Tray

DIY Wooden Tray Art

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DIY Pallet Tray

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 DIY White Pallet Tray

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DIY Pallet Tray Of Wood

DIY Wooden Tray

DIY Romantic Pallet Signs

Valentine’s Day is just one day in a year, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only day for love. Every day can be filled with love and attention if you decorate your home with lovely furniture and ornaments. You can find so many ways to turn your house into love nest where you can enjoy with people you love. DIY pallet love decoration will help you to achieve that goal and to create memorable items for interior or exterior of your house.

All you need for this awesome project are recycled wood pallets and tools like nails, hammer and something which will help you to make wanted shapes and sizes of pallet planks. You have so many options that you can create something for your garden, kitchen, living room or bedroom. When you choose the project that fits most in the idea that you are trying to accomplish, than you’re half way to the success.

You can create cute pallet hearts bed, you just need to cut pallet planks first and attach them with nails to get bed headboard. Before you connect everything with bed, you may cut one or as many hearts in desired sizes you want and also make pallet hearts, colour them with paint and stick them with glue or nails. The same technique you may apply to create hearts on kitchen cabinet doors.

Make DIY romantic wall ornaments and paintings using pallets, so you may cut letters and decorate it with lights or paint the letters in bright colours. You may also create heart shaped shelf, outdoor pallet chair, wooden heart tray where you can serve breakfast to your love partner and take it in bed, for surprise.

DIY Pallet Love Design


DIY Pallet Bed designs

DIY Love White Chair

DIY Pallet Heart tray

DIY Pallet chair art

DIY Wooden Romantic Pallet

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Do It Yourself Phenomenal Pallet Bars

Men usually dream to have a bar in their home or yard and to organize parties with friends and families. Homemade wooden bars is perfect project for those who like to make cocktail parties and to spend memorable moments. You can find here very interesting ideas which you can apply it at your house alone, because they are very easy.

For this DIY awesome pallet bars ideasyou will need to prepare pallets, saw, hammer and nails. Recycled pallet are very easy to find because they are widespread and inexpensive, so you will get incredible results with spending just a little money.  When all materials are ready, begin with this wooden bar project.

First you must cut the pallets to make desired shape with a help of saw. Then all the wooden pallet parts attach with nails by using the hammer. Everything need to be stable and strongly connected so it can hold all bottles and glasses. You have so many options for indoor or outdoor recycled pallet bars. For hot spring and summer nights best choice for you is to make rustic wood bar in the yard with lighting.

But you can also choose to make one bar inside your house for cold days or make a bar with wheels, so you can easily transfer it wherever you want. If you prefer colour of wood, you may leave your pallet bar in native colour or you can use very bright paint to create funny and cool homemade bars. Whatever you choose you will certainly enjoy while making and ever more in hanging out and partying.

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