Dining table pallet designs

Pallet dining tables:

Hello there. I hope that you were waiting for the my next blog to come. And here it is with all its colors and embellishment. So this post is all about using recycled pallets for making decorative dining tables. In order to make the table you need to clean your pallets first. Remove all the unwanted parts. Then cut the pallet for the table top. The size of the table top depends on your requirement. Then cut the pallet to make the legs. Nail the top and legs together so that you obtain a table.

Dining tables are the real beauty of the dining rooms so they need to be really beautiful. They are the actual center of attention there.

This a good one with flowers put in wine bottles.

This glass-o-pallet dining table has nice steel paws.

This white pallet dining tables is perfect for summers.

This one is made by painting pieces of pallets and then joining them together.

A rustic colored pallet dining table has its own charm.

This dining table has its borders covered which actually looks nice.

This table seems to be slanting but actually it is not. The pallet have been arranged in a way that it seems  to be slanting.

Eye-catching dining table.

An amazing one.

Stay awaited for the next one.

Trendy pallet daybed ideas

Pallet daybed plans:

Hello there. I am today here to tell you about how to use pallets to make daybeds which will make your patio look good and make your summer entertaining. Daybeds are really easy to make if you are a pretty crafty person and you are comfortable with tools.



Making daybeds:

In order to make daybeds all you need to do is to measure the size of mattress you already have and then cut the pallets according to size of your mattress to make the base of the bed. Take a sanding machine to remove all the splinters from the pallets in order to make it smooth. You can also make arms of the bed pretty easily and then bolt them with the bed. After fastening all the parts stuff your day bed with mattress, cushions and other comfy stuff. You can entertain your guests here.


A cozy daybed that will make you feel relaxed.





You can also make a coffee table and put it with your daybed. Arrange pots of fragrant herbs there and put the magazines too along with your coffee.




In order to have a feel of morning refreshment this bed is a heaven on earth.



Cover the comfy daybed with colored fabric that gives your eyes a soothing effect.





This is guest’s daybed perfect for your guest room.



This daybed will be seamless for book lovers who can comfortably read here.



You can make square shaped storage spaces under your day couch in order to solve storage problems.



This is a trendy day couch as it is a mixture of light and bright colors.




Inexpensive mini horse shelters

Pallet horse shelter:

Hello people. I am here today with another blog that you will absolutely adore. So I have more exciting ideas about pallet shelters. Do you have some futile pallets? Pallets are not always discards. Turn them to use by making horse barns which will be simply perfect for your pet horse. If you sincerely care about your horses or pets then you need to build a shed right away. Your pets need a shelter and pasture too. Grid up yourself to use wood for the good of your pets. Moreover, this will promote the recycling of pallets which is, in return, better for our environment.

Making shelter for horse:

In order to make a shelter for your pony, you need make a pallet fence covering the three sides. On the fourth side there should be a wooden gate(if required). After all this assembly make a roof for covering the shed. The roof can be horizontal or slanting. This depends on your requirement.

This is a pallet mare shelter perfect for your pony.




This is a wood-o-fabric horse shelter. It is called so because of its roof is made out of fabric.



This shelter has a horizontal roof and steel doors and this will sustain in plain areas easily.



A stunning one.horse4


This is a small portable shelter for your pony.


A spacious barn suitable for a group of horses.





Sheds in a row.




This is one of the most top rated shed for horses.




Miscellaneous Pallet Products

Miscellaneous Pallet products:

Bonjour! I am here again with another article which you will find absolutely interesting. Different products can be made with pallets and that is why I have given this blog the title “Miscellaneous pallet products”. Here are some of the products:

Pallet treasure box:

A treasure box of antique style can be made with recycled pallets. All you have to do is to bolt up slices of pallets to make a frame of square shape. Then make the roof and floor of the box and also attach them with the frame.


Pallet sandy area:

Sandy area is the most enjoyable place to play in. This can be crafted by taking four slices of pallets and fastening them together end-by-end to make up a square area. Then fill the area with sand.


DIY Monster Chair:

This is chair is special because of the monster made on its back. All you have do is to make a chair using a sliced pallet for seat and other four long slices for the legs. Then carve the face of monster on a pallet with is to be attached at the back of the chair.


DIY Pallet shelf:

The pallet shelf can be employed in solving storage problems. It can store loads of books for book lovers. Moreover, it can be used for storing crockery items. It may be utilized for decoration if it is embellished with different items.


Mug holders:

Mug holder, which is an integral part of kitchen, can also be made with pallets. After assembling the slices of pallets and fixing them, you have to attach hooks with the pallets for holding the mugs. This can also be used for holding spoons too.



Pallet decoration corner:

You can make a good entertaining corner at your house with pallets. Just take pallet pieces and fix them on the wall one above the other and a few on the sides. Then aggrandize them with decorative items.


This brings us to the end of our blog. Be awaited for the next one.

DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

Awesome Pallet Bed Ideas

It is amazing to see that pallets can be recycled in another cool way e.g. making pallet beds. Doesn’t that sound cool? Obviously it does. So I am here to present some great bed frames with storage space too.

Making pallet beds:

First of all you need to clean and polish your pallet as per your requirement. Then arrange them as per your style needs. You need to make the paws larger in length in order to have some storage space beneath the bed too. The most fascinating thing is that we can use the storage space not only for keeping different stuff but also for illumination.  This means you can put small beautiful lights under the bed to make it look more charming. You can also make some fabric covers in order to cover the pallet beds. This will enhance their beauty.

Bed with storage spaces:

This bed is extremely reliable if you have made it using good quality pallets. The good point is that it has a spacious and sliding storage.

For this, make a bed structure with pallets and then make a square drawer.



Bed with storage boxes:

This bed has square storage spaces in which you can fit square boxes. To make it you need to design a bed frame as above.

DIY bed out of pallets

Bed sofa:

This is a multi-use bed as it can be treated as a bed and as a sofa too. It also has horizontal storage places too. Cover this bed –sofa with fabric and cushions to make it look good for dual use.


Bed with drawers:

In addition to bed frame, this bed has drawers on its sides and some storage places at the front too. As a result it we can store more stuff.

DIY pallet bed frames designs


Pallet Vertical Planters

Pallet vertical Planters:

So this is another amazing article about the use of recycled pallets. We don’t have to dump them in landfills as we can use them to make vertical plant holders. This means you can create vertical gardens in your own house which are perfect for your balcony.

You can arrange flowers of unique shades to make the dull-colored pallets look stunning. This will make the plant holder look addictive. Main advantage of this vertical garden is that it takes less room and amazing quantity of vegetables can be grown in it too. You can make the dull planter stand before a bright background to add to its prettiness.

Making vertical planters:

First of all, remove all the claws from the pallet. Then make pallet frame and then screw it up to give it a shape of holder.

Have a look at some of these charming sights.



Veggie planter:

Luscious spices and vegetables can be grown in this holder. Make a frame using pallets, nail them and then plant veggies in it using some good soil.



Decorative planter:

A cute holder like this one will be perfect for your narrow balcony. You have to cut a pallet into four slices for the legs. Then cut a slice for the top and two for the squares to be placed beneath the top. Screw all the pallets.


Vertical wall planters:

You can color the pallets and make a planter too. These can me simply made by assembling different pallets horizontally and nailing them with vertical pallet rods.



You can also decorate your deck using such bright and elegant planters. I suggest you to put a fragrant herb in your vertical planters to make it more inviting.

Illuminated plant holders:

There is nothing beautiful than a dark colored pallet against a light wall which can be made by arranging the pallets horizontally and vertically and nailing them. Illuminate the planter with small lights which will make it enticing.


Slanting holders:

This one is somehow slanting so it is supported by nailing some pallet sticks with it which make it stand.


So now we are at the end of this blog post. Keep waiting for another enticing and innovative blog.

DIY Inspirational Pallet Planter Ideas

Health fitness is great wealth. Now the problem is that how we can keep ourselves fit. No doubt exercise very necessary for all age persons to keep theirselves fit and to maintain it as well. I can remember an old person of our village, he was healthy and fit even in his old age. It was his routine activity to busy himself in his farmhouse, planting and watering trees and mini gardens.

Exercise problem is solved for those persons who are agriculturist by profession. Problem is still there for the persons who work in office whole the day. Home gardening is the best idea for the officers to do some physical labor. There are so many ideas to start home gardening but here I’m again with innovative home gardening ideas for you.

If you’ve backyard in your home then you can make mini gardens to start home gardens. If you are living in tiny home or with less space then vertical planters for home gardens are the best to start home gardening in less space home. There are so many types of planters are available in market but perhaps your pocket may not allow. So you can build your own vertical planters at home. Collect good quality pallets from your home scrap or nearest hardware store. Clean the pallets and remove the nails and other unnecessary material.

Recycle the pallets and build vertical pallet planters. There are so many types and shapes of vertical pallet planter. Your can chose a pallet planter design of your own choice as per space available in your home.

lets learn home gardening

learn easy home gardening tips

how to start home mini gardens

grow your fresh fruits and vegetable

awesome home gardening ideas

diy pallet planters

different shapes of vertical planter

low cost pallet planters

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