DIY Easy Craft Ideas for Girls

10 Funky DIY Crafts for Girls – Best Summer Crafts

We are entering summer, and this is the time to do some fun activities to stay positive and focused. I sorted out some great DIY summer projects to do. Today, you will learn new DIY crafts that your girls and boys would love to do.

DIY Easy Craft Ideas for Girls

My kids helped me finalize this great list of DIY crafts for adults. Most of the time, I use to make crafts on weekends as I love to spend my time making new crafts. So without any wait, check out the latest DIY crafts to do this summer.

1- DIY crafts for teens – Make a lip balm

Making a homemade lip balm is a good idea as it will make your lips soft and enhance their beauty. You can make a DIY lip balm in 5 easy steps. Take vaseline petrolium jelly, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E capsule, and vanila. Watch a step-by-step tutorial on Youtube and make a homemade lip balm.

DIY lip balm

2- DIY crafts for teenage girls’ room

The ballon painting art is an easy DIY craft even an eight-year-old kid can do. Teenage girls can make this ballon art painting for their living room. The best thing about this is that you can make a beautiful painting for less than $5.

DIY ballon art painting

3- DIY craft for bathroom

This summer, do not forget to make donut bath bombs at home. My 12 years old daughter made bath bombs for her without any help. She watched a tutorial on YouTube. She said you need soap, icing, and sprinkles for a bath bomb.

Round bath bombs

4- DIY glow jar for teenage bedrooms

A medium-sized mason jar, diamond glitter, small Glow stick, and serrated knife are the things you need to make a DIY glow jar for your bedroom. This easy-peasy DIY craft will give your bedroom a new look.

DIY glow jars

5- DIY summer craft – Funky pencil holder

I’m sure to make a DIY pencil holder, you won’t even need to watch a tutorial on the internet. Just buy a funky wallpaper and take a useless glass for this easy summer craft.

Funky pencil holder

6- DIY crafts to do at home – Word rocks

You won’t see a DIY word rocks craft anywhere on the internet. It is the cutest DIY craft you will ever do. Collect rocks, acrylic paint, paintbrush, sharpie, and decorative pens to make a cute word rock craft. You can also write the name of your best friend to gift her on her birthday.

DIY Word rocks

7- Hina hands for kids – Best DIY craft

Do not forget to try this henna handcraft for your kids. Remember to use a non-toxic gel pen to make beautiful art on your kid’s hand. For design ideas search Henna designs on Pinterest.

Best DIY craft

8- DIY bracelets for girls

8- DIY bracelets for wife

9- DIY crystal seashells

Crystal seashells

10- DIY smash book summer craft

latest DIY crafts

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