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What are the best DIY Crafts for Making Money?

Crafting is one of the best hobbies that can be used for home decoration and making money. It is not difficult to make the best crafts that can be sold and become a good source of earning money.

DIY Crafts to Make and Sell for Earning Money

So you are a DIY crafts lover and looking for ways to earn money through your hobby? Here is the list of DIY crafts that can earn you lots of money while staying at home.

1- DIY Cupcake Wrapper Wreath

DIY Crafts to Make and Sell

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath is as easy as ABC. Even your kid can make this homemade craft. Place the wrappers on top of each other and glue them together. A beautiful cupcake wreath is ready to sell on the market like Amazon and Shopify.

2- DIY Clothespin Wreath

easy DIY craft

You can make a homemade wreath not only with a cupcake wrapper but also with a clothespin. Buy cheap clothespins in different colors and attach them together with the help of a wire. You won’t even need glue for this easy DIY craft. Attach a beautiful sticker like ‘Hello’ or ‘Best friends’ right in the center with a string. Sell it on Etsy or I Made It Market.

3- DIY Velvet pillows

profitable DIY crafts

DIY velvet pillow is another do-able DIY craft that can be sold with a good profit margin. Buy a velvet cloth and polyester pillow. Sew the cover as per the pillow size. Attach the ‘I love him/her’ sticker on the top of the cover. Believe me or not, it could be the best DIY craft that can give you the highest return on investment.

4- DIY Homemade Candles

best DIY craft

Homemade candles have a huge demand in the market. Making DIY homemade candles is not a difficult task to do. Buy wax and a fancy jar to make candles at home. Do not forget to add some fancy stickers or ribbons to the jar. This DIY craft can bring a lot of money into your pocket.

5- DIY Embroidered Baskets

DIY homemade crafts

Women love to buy fancy decoration pieces for their homes. These embroidered baskets have a huge demand in the online and local market. You can make your own DIY Embroidered Baskets at home as they are easy to make.

6- DIY Kids Headbands

Easy crafts to make and sell

Are you looking for profitable DIY crafts? Create DIY kids headbands as they can give you a handsome return on investment. You do not need enough money and skills for this craft.

7- DIY U.S Flag Wall Decor

trending DIY craft

You can make a DIY American flag wall decor at home as it is super easy and a profitable DIY craft. Independence day (4 July) is just around the corner, and you can sell loads of U.S flag wall decor as it is a trending DIY craft these days.

8- Easy DIY Bracelets

Easy crafts to make and sell

Bracelets are easy crafts that are in demand and loved by people of all ages. You can create funky and stylish bracelets at home with ease. If you have no idea, watch a tutorial on YouTube.

Easy crafts to make and sell

I hope you have enjoyed reading the hacks of easy crafts to make and sell. Follow the above profitable DIY crafts and start a new successful life.

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