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Science Experiments for Kids to Do at Home

8 Best Science Experiments for Kids

Your kid is the ‘Einstein’ of the future. It depends on you to polish their skills by making an entertaining and educational environment at home. Whatever they want to be, parents should support them throughout. If your child wants to be a future scientist, you should help him by doing the experiments at home. Therefore, I’m sharing very easy science experiments you can try at home with your kids. So, without delay let’s get started.

1- DIY Science Experiments for Kids – Eggshell Geodes

You can grow Crystal-filled geodes at home with your kids. You can try this experiment by buying supplies at very reasonable prices from the market. All you need to do is soaked the eggshells in alum powder and water, and you will see the powder crystallizes on the shells.

Eggshell Geodes

2- Fun Science Experiments – Sun Prints

Hundreds of years ago, sun printing was one of the earliest photographic processes. For this experiment start collecting flowers and other flat objects with your kids. After collecting the required things place the objects on sun-sensitive paper in sunlight. Your kids will be surprised by seeing the prints in front of their eyes. This is the easiest and most awesome science experiment for kids.

Sun Prints

3- Simple Science Experiments for Kids – Lava Lamp

The lava lamp is a cool science experiment for kids you must try at home. For this experiment, you will need water, food coloring, Alka-Seltzer, and baby oil. Drop the effervescent tablet in water and oil, and you will see the colored water coming to the top. When the gas comes out of the bottle, water droplets fall down, creating a lava-like effect.

Lava Lamp

4- Science Experiments for Kids at School

Teach your son how to make a robot with the help of a plastic cup, a motor, and batteries. I’m sure they will win the best science fair award in the school. Take a plastic cup, three markers, a battery pack, and a small motor. Attach Markers to Cup, attach the battery holder, add the motor with wire, add a little bit of decoration, and install the batteries. Your kids are ready to win the best science fair prize in School.

robot science experiment

5- Five Minute Science Experiments for Kids- Solar S’mores Oven

Make a solar oven in just 5 minutes with the help of a shoebox. Placed the aluminum foil on the upper side of the shoebox in such a way that it reflects the sunlight into the box. The mini solar oven is ready to bake the food.

Solar S'mores Oven

6- At-Home Science Experiments for kids – Straw & Paper Airplanes

The straw and paper device can fly just like a paper airplane. Make two paper rings, a large one and a smaller one. The larger paper ring levels the plane while the other one helps in keeping it on course. Do not forget to try this science experiment with longer or shorter straws.

Straw & Paper Airplanes

7- Science Experiment for 5 Year Olds – Color Changing Flowers

Color Changing Flowers

8- DIY Science Experiments for Kids – Cloud in a Jar

Cloud in a Jar

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