10 Easy Rabbit House DIY Plans

Rabbits are so soft and lovable and kids absolutely like to spend time with them. They are innocent animals to keep at home that is pretty amazing considering they take very little to feed and don’t require a lot of space. If you are conversant with DIY and have some working tools, building a rabbit hutch or cage by yourself is not difficult, just some effort is required. I have collected some DIY rabbit house plans to inspire my respectful readers. Let us see!


1-Wooden Sloped-roof Rabbit House DIY

This rabbit house is inexpensive, very easy to create and provides enough space to host two couples.This  house comprise short legs for easy approach.

Image source homesthetics.net 


2-Wooden Round-sloped Rabbit House DIY

Check out this idea of wooden rabbit house which is very good looking and roomy with plenty of window and round slopped roof . This looks  very beautiful at back yard. 


3-Arch Type Double Storey

If you are planning to keep rabbits in open spaces this plan will suit you which is partially roofed and reaming space is covered with wire gauze   . Local skilled person can create this rabbit house within a day.

Image source meowlogy.com 


4-DIY Wooden Rabbit House

This easy to build rabbit house is inexpensive  and rapidly can be done . This is a great one if you plan to raise your bunnies outdoors. You simply have to build a wooden frame with roof  and then fix wire gauze at openings. 

Image source theselfsufficientliving.com

5-Large Size Rabbit House DIY

If you are looking for an extra ordinary option select this plan which is suitable for wide backyard. It can host three to four couples.You have to create a wooden frame as per image shown below,provide roof of iron corrugated sheet and fill the remaining place with wire gauze.


6-Steel Cage Rabbit House

This rabbit house is suitable for indoor spaces which can be availed from local market easily.


7-Mud House Rabbit House

This is a unique rabbit house and only skilled person can create house like this.This is cool and natural plan.


8-DIY Wooden Stem Rabbit House

If you have a wooden stem at your yard this may be a suitable house for a couple of rabbit. You have to carve log as per your requirement.


9-Tiny Wooden Rabbit House

Try this tiny rabbit house for small spaces.This is light weight and very easy to make.

10-Simple & Elegant Rabbit House

Check out this plan of rabbit house which is best suited for your yard.

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