16 Fabulous Wooden Candle Holder and Lantern DIYs

Weather being used to occupy a spare corner or to hang on wall ,  they bring charm  and good feeling  to any space. You will find a number of great ideas for decorating your home with lanterns, to help you bring out the beauty that lives inside.Here are some lantern ideas to inspire you.


1-Wooden stump Candle Holder

This is a very simple and inexpensive idea to create lantern by yourself using wooden stump laying spare at your yard .You have to cut log and make some holes on top side to hold candles inside.



2-DIY Wooden Square Candle Lantern

Check out this cool idea in which wooden square pieces have been utilized to make multi lantern holder.



3-Wooden Blocks Candle Holder

You have to get wooden pieces from local market as per image shown below ,carve top side of wooden pieces to hold candles inside and apply paints of your favorite colors on bottom side.Your elegant wooden lantern is ready for use.



4- Rustic Wooden Hanging Candle Lantern

Try out this simple and rustic plan for hanging  lantern which is suitable both for indoor and outdoor spaces.



5-Wooden Traditional Lantern DIY

This is very simple and inexpensive but beauty full idea of lantern for indoor spaces.



6-Bamboo Sticks Candle Lantern

It is unique and elegant lantern  which may be available at local market.It enhance charm of  both indoor and  outdoor spaces.


7-Simple and Elegant Candle Lantern

Create lantern as per image shown below and add some decorative crafts to inspire you friends at home.



8-Multi-size Wooden Blocks Candle Holder

It is simple and easy idea to consider.



9-Wooden Plank Candle Holder

Local skilled person can create holes in wooden planks to keep candles inside and add iron feet both sides to create this nice lantern holder.



10-Wooden Pallets Candle Holder for Party Decor

Make a frame using wooden pallets as per image given below,add some decorative crafts and get a good looking lantern holder.



11-Tiny Wooden Candle Lantern

Try this small, simple and inexpensive lantern idea to beautify your spaces.



12-Black-Themed Wooden Candle Lantern

This black themed wooden lantern idea is  indeed adorable .



13-Wooden Rough Candle Holder  

Look at this plan which is simple and very beautiful.



14-Wooden Clips Night Table Lantern 

Made by wooden clips, this lantern looks very charming when candle enlighten inside.



15-Simple Wooden Stump Candle Holder

If you lives in countryside it is not difficult to find out a wooden log.Just carve holes inside to hold candles and have a simple and elegant lantern.



16-Wall-mounted Wooden Candle Lantern

Check out this wall mounted wooden lantern which is very simple and inexpensive .


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