Amazing Storage Cabinets DIY Ideas

Well organized home is best home which provide peace of mind and comfort to inhabitants. For organizing a home cabinets are very useful at kitchen, bathroom, garage and everywhere. Wooden cabinets are beautiful, durable and can be used in different ways in term of of shape, design, and color. Furthermore, you can avail them according to your necessity.

Selection of cabinets depends on your budget, choice and place.  Here are some cabinet ideas to suit your spaces.

1-Kitchen DIY Cabinets

a)Rustic kitchen cabinets DIY

Check out this country style rustic wooden cabinet for large kitchen which is super easy to create if you are conversant with wood work and  have some working tools .



b)Floor-mounted Long Cabinets

To utilize a space inside kitchen from floor to ceiling this plan is ideal to consider.


c)Above Counter Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets above  working counters are in now a days and many plans of different designs, shapes and colors  are available to choose from.


d) Crockery Open Cabinets DIY

These open crockery cabinets are very easy to create and look elegant.

2-Bathroom Cabinets DIY Ideas

a)Below Basin Bathroom Cabinets

Space below hand wash basin is useful to store bathroom accessories particularly for small bathroom.The plan showed below is very simple to create .



b)Rustic Storage Cabinets

Try out this rustic these storage cabinets according to your necessity and availability of space.



C)-Small Wall-mounted Bathroom Cabinets

The cabinet showed below provide enough storage space  without using floor space. Person having little DIY skills can build this cabinet.

3-Garage Cabinets DIY

a)Wall mounted Garage Cabinets

Your garage is incomplete without enough storage space for tools and other accessories.Try out this simple long cabinet to accommodate all your stuff.



b) Wall mounted open Garage Cabinets

This wall mounted open cabinet is suitable for small spaces and also easy to create.



C)-Large Size Open Garage Cabinets

Check out this open full size cabinet if you have enough space at store to make cabinet.

4-Under Stairs Cabinets DIY

a)-Book Shelf Cabinets DIY

Create book storage cabinets  under stair to have a perfect study area at home.



b) Decorative  Stuff Cabinet DIY 

Utilize space under stair to keep decorating accessories which enhance beauty of your inner spaces .



c)-Two in One Storage Cabinets

Try out this option to utilize space under stairs.



d) DIY Tools Storage Cabinets

Store tools under your stairs by creating cabinets.

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