10 Fabulous Coconut Shell Planters Inspirational DIY Ideas

Planting is very important for the survival of life on earth and betterment of atmosphere. But due to increase in soil pollution the rate of growth and fertility is effected badly. So, it is important to encourage soil less agriculture and using  better alternates of ground gardening.Coco-nutshells are easily available in many areas without spending  money, around the world and they are suitable to grow plants inside. Here, I am sharing some ideas to do plantation in coco-nutshells.

1-Painted Coconut Shells Planter DIY

The only difficult process is to empty shell without breaking  to use its shell for plantation.Apply some patterns of your favorite colors on shells after  smoothing its surface and let them dry.Your handsome planters are ready to take plants inside.Plants shown in Image shown below are looking elegant.

2-Raw Coconut Shell Planters DIY

Raw coco-nutshells are  also very good looking  and they are suitable to grow short

root plants.

3-Raw Coconut Shells Vertical Gardens Planters

Check out the charm and  utility of these planters,  nicely hung  on a wooden pillar.They are very adoring and feasible for backyard and other outdoor spaces.

4-Raw Coconut Shell Indoor Planters

In this ideas one coco-nutshell has been utilized to grow plant inside.This is very suitable to use at small indoor spaces.


5- Coconut Shell  Tree Planters DIY

Checkout this idea in which beautiful floral plants are enhancing outdoor beauty through their colorful flowers.Shells are firmly tied using iron wires with tree.

6- Coconut Shell hanging Tree Planters

Jute thread are utilized to hung shells with a tree in this idea ,they also look amazing.

7- Coconut Shell Pallet Frame Planters

Domestic herbs and veggies are grow in coco-nutshells and hung with pallet frame without using single inch of floor space .

8- Coconut Shell Wall Planters

In this idea a tiny plant is grow in a shell which is fixed at wall with a screw.

9- Coconut Shell Table Planters DIY

A handsome planet has grown in a shell,  placed at table which is giving a natural look and   enhancing inner beauty of you room.

10-  Patio Decor Coconut Shell Planter

Coco-nutshell planters are enhancing  patio beauty when hung at ceiling using cords along with humming bird crafts.

All images credit  pinterest.com

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