Dutch Design Firm Malessa Studio reveals its Foldable Furniture Collection

Founded by freelance designer Désirée Malessa, Malessa studio is a Netherlands based design studio, aimed to conceptual design of product and material research for sustainable and inexpensive creativity.

​Usually, society encourages usage and replacing the old, broken but fixable with something new. Following this trend, Malessa has a strong focus on sustainability in her design process. Not single-use products but long-lasting and easy to fix designs made from recycled and sustainable materials. As a material designer, Malessa also experiments with waste material as the raw material for new designs.

The firm has recently introduced its solid and fold able furniture collection dubbed Nest collection, especially designed for renters and bachelors who often change homes. Nest collection includes, a shelf, bench, table, desk and bed made by natural raw Spruce wood. Whole of the series comes packed together in a compact kit measuring 44.5 in long x 11 in wide x 33.5 in high (113 cm long x 28 cm wide x 85 cm high). Users can add optional wheels which simply attached at kit’s bottom to make moving and shifting super easy. The kit can be unpacked and assembled within 10 minutes, creating a space into a comfortable home.

“Nest is timeless and has a clean, minimalistic yet aesthetic design,” says Malessa Studio. “It has a natural finish and is designed to be used as much as possible. It is specifically meant for city living (single-person households in small living spaces), and is therefore suited to millennial lifestyles.”

The designer has taken the word as his product name “Nest” which stands for nomadic essentials for simpler transitions. The name is well –suited to this product as we observe its qualities.

“Research shows that ownership is a major part in creating a homely feeling,” says Malessa Studio. “Nest is therefore a device which can be used to bring your personal belongings to a new home and which can be transformed into essential furniture within 10 minutes. Eventually Nest is meant to become, like the objects you bring along in it, a medium for transferring a homely feeling itself.”

The Nest collection by Malessa Studio was unveiled during the Object Rotterdam design festival which held earlier this month. However, there is  no words about price, production and deliveries.


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