Amazing DIY Pendant Light Ideas to Decor Your Kitchen in 2020

A kitchen is a place where you need proper lighting so that you can cook food with ease. When we talk about the kitchen decoration then lighting in the kitchen is very important. And there is nothing better than the pendant lights to add some brightness and glam in the kitchen.

Here are some interesting DIY pendant light ideas that can help you in decorating your kitchen in 2020. But don’t forget these 5 things to consider before renovating your kitchen.

Soda Can Tab Pendant

The tabs of your favorite soda cans are very useful if you are a DIYer. You can make a DIY pendant light using a collection of soca can tabs. Don’t through the soda can and its tab as you can do different DIY projects. Making a pendant light for your kitchen by using the soda can tabs is also one of those projects. You can use the tab in diagonal or horizontal alignment.

You need a shade that will be used to glue the tabs on it. Make sure that you don’t leave enough shade without the soda can tabs. Once done, you can hang it on the kitchen countertop and it will provide a great environment in your kitchen.

Before you read further, here you can check large industrial pendant lighting ideas.

Tin Can Pendant Lights

Empty tin cans can be used in a variety of ways for DIY projects. Like you can make an empty paint can planter or you can use the empty tin can for making your favorite pendant lights for the kitchen decoration. In both ways, it would be a great idea.

You need to wash the can properly and then paint it with the color you like. You need to make a small hole on the bottom of the can so that you can pass a string to hang your DIY tin can pendant light.


DIY Stunning String Pendant

A string pendant is one of the best pendant lights for the kitchen in 2020. This is a very easy and cheap idea that can be a great addition to your kitchen decoration. You need to blow up a ballon and apply some vaseline on it. Then saturate the yarn in a glue mixture and then wrap it over the ball.

Let the yarn dry for a whole day. Then deflate the balloon carefully and take it out from the opening gap that will be used for changing the bulb as well.

Let us know which one is your favorite. Or if you have your own ideas, then don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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