20 Best Swimming Pools Designs Trending in 2020

Swimming is best physical activity with plenty of health benefits and having a swimming pool at your backyard is great entertainment for whole family especially in summer. Here, I have gathered some backyard swimming pool ideas to inspire you.

1-Luxurious Swimming Pool with Glass Walls



2- Arabian-style Swimming with Island Inside



3-Small Round-shaped Swimming Pool Design



4-Long L-shaped Swimming Pool Design


5-Hilly Style Swimming Pool Design



6-Simple and Elegant Swimming Pool Design



7-Square Shaped Swimming Pool



8-Two-in-one Swimming Pool



9-Green-themed Swimming Pool



10-Irregular Shaped Swimming Pool



11-Small  Plastic Pre-fabricated Swimming Pools



12-Smart Swimming Pool



13-Raised with Steel Frame Swimming Pool

Image source  awesomejelly.com


14-Stone Paving and Stone Decorated Swimming Pool



15-Elevated Bed Swimming Pool



16-Long  Pool with stone Retaining Wall


17-Simple Rectangular Swimming Pool


18-Inflatable Swimming Pool



19-Small Egg-shaped Swimming Pool



20-Simple Rectangular with Wooden Decking

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