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5 Shopping Tips To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus Pandemic

shopping tips

After the corona outbreak worldwide, many countries have imposed lockdown. Main markets are either closed or have very strict timing to avoid the spread of coronavirus pandemic. But it is obvious that you can’t avoid stopping completely. You have to shop for essential items for daily use.

So, here is a shopping guide and a few tips on how to shop safely during coronavirus outbreak.

Social Distancing

social distancing corona virus shopping

Everyone knows this. But still, it is important to remind again and again about social distancing. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters from the staff of the shopping mall and from the other customers. This is the most effective way to prevent coronavirus from spreading. Don’t be in a rush. Be patient and wait for your turn in a queue that has the 2-meter distance between the customers.

Shop Alone Not With Friends

corona virus shopping tips

We know that you love to the grocery with friends but don’t forget it is the matter of your life now. Not only your life but the life of your loved ones who are waiting for you at home. Always go to the grocery shop alone instead of going to a group. This will help in keeping the social distance and also the chances are decreased that you go back home infected. When you are in a group, there are chances that if a single person gets infected, all the group members will go back to home infected by the virus.

Use Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitize at shopping

All the shopping malls have hand sanitizers at the entry points. Use that to minimize the risk of being a cause of spreading the coronavirus. Even if you used the hand sanitizer while leaving the house, use it again when you get a chance at the entry point of the shopping mall. When you do your shopping and coming out of the mall, use the hand sanitizer again so that if you get infected by any product or any rack, you can protect your self before you reach your home.

Try To Shop Online and Home Delivery Service

corona virus online shopping tips

The best thing to protect yourself from the coronavirus pandemic is to buy online. Though it is not 100% safe it is much better than taking all other precautions. Find the best stores in the town offering the home delivery service. Big stores like Amazon, Ali Express, eBay and many more offer free home delivery. But, even if it is not free, don’t hesitate to pay a small fee for delivery as this is for the protection of your loved ones.

Don’t Forget to Disinfect Delivered Items

coronavirus packages-lowres

In the case of online shopping, don’t ignore the parcels and packing that might have viruses. You must have to disinfect the parcels before you touch them. Try to collect all the parcels in a shopping cart and don’t touch them. Use a disinfection spray on the parcels which are in safe packing. Those items which you don’t need urgently, keep it in the shopping cart for two days if possible.

If you follow the above advice you can protect yourself and your family members from Corona. With that you can buy the grocery and other essential items safely during the corona outbreak.

With all the above tips, follow these tips as well to stay safe:


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