DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

3 Amazing DIY Bird Feeder Ideas for your Backyard

There are always a few hungry birds around your backyard in every season. It doesn’t matter if it is summer, spring or fall, you should think about how to feed those hungry birds. If you are a DIYer, you can make some attractive and creative DIY bird feeders. These DIY feeders will not only help the hungry birds, but these will add some beauty and attraction to your backyard as well.

Here are 3 amazing DIY bird feeder ideas that you can make yourself.

Make a Teacup Bird Feeder

teacup bird feeder

If you have a plain old teacup that you don’t use anymore, you can transform that into a beautiful DIY teacup bird feeder. If it is a decorated cup then it is good, but if it is plain white or another single color teacup, you can use different colors to decorate that teacup.

For this, you have to get a plate first and apply some glue from glue gun under the plate. Then take a thread and apply some glue on that as well. Fix that thread under the plate in a way that it makes a three threaded knot above the plate so that it can be hanged at your backyard.

Now fix the teacup on the plate using the glue gun again. Now put some feed in it for the birds and hang this beautiful teacup bird feeder at your backyard or in your garden.

DIY teacup bird feeder



Orange Skin Bird Feeder


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Have you ever think about an organic bird feeder? Here is an organic bird feeder for your backyard that you can make only in 5 minutes. Take a big size orange and cut that into two pieces.

Remove the orange and the skin and make three holes in the orange skin. Now use a thread and holes to hang the orange half skin with a tree or other support.

You can fill the orange skin bird feeder with the blend of lard and seeds.

Tin Can Bird Feeder Craft DIY

tin can diy bird feeder

Don’t waste your empty tin cans. You can use these cans to feed the hungry birds by making colorful DIY tin can feeders for your backyard. Whether you have an empty paint tin can or of anything else, you can wash it and clean it. Then you need to paint the tin can from the outside to make it colorful.

Now you have to look some suitable place in your backyard or garden where you can place this tin can. It would be good to place that on a branch of a tree. Put some pot in it or just simply put the birds feed in it.

Now, you have a great addition of a DIY bird feeder to your backyard and you will also feel proud that you have done something useful for the poor hungry birds.

creative bird feeder


tin can bird-feeder

There were some cute DIY bird feeder ideas which you can make at your home yourself. Just let us know which idea is good for you, or if you have your own ideas, don’t hesitate to share with us using the comment form below.

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