DIY Wood Planter boxes Project

A warm welcome to all my smart readers!! I hope you will be alright. I bring a new and interesting topic for you, today I will show you how you can easily make a DIY wood planter for your outdoor. I thought it is the best way to make your own Wood Planter box instead of buying it. So, let’s take a start with me and make your garden spice up and shiny with these planter boxes within an hour.

1.   Dark Stained Wood DIY Planter Box:

As you can see how beautifully this box has been designed for your lush green plants and flowers. The builder has used complete wood pallet in the entire project because wood pallet is cheap and easy to come by. You can also use pallet in sections for providing a better look.

2.   Homemade Wood Window Flower Box:

In this case, you can see how amazingly the architecture has built a wooden window flower box. Building and installing flower boxes below the windows added simply the proper amount of color and contrast. It will boost your garden with an amazing look. If you want to make your outdoor look stunning than adopt it. It’s gorgeous!!

3.   Wood Pallet Mounted Planter Boxes:

This planter box is also called Space-saving vertical vegetable garden because this amazing box can save your place by fitting anywhere easily. You can easily look after it because the quality of soil used in this box can easily sit on any surface whether it is a concrete or wooden deck. The garden’s vertical orientation permits you to grow an entire bunch of veggies, herbs, and flowers in an exceedingly tiny footprint.

4.   Painted Wood DIY Hanging Planter:

Well, this one project is a little different and unique in design because it is a hanging planter for fresh flowers. It will give a decent and catchy look to your outdoor. Making your out of doors area wonderful and enticing as the inside of your home. Whether you have a small out of doors terrace or a large porch, any area can be wrapped and utilized for the rest of the warm and sunny season! I love the design of this, it offers the area a fun and bright look to it. Also, an excellent way to showcase some stunning blooms.

5.   DIY Tiered Wood Flower Boxes:

I hope you would like the plans mentioned in this blog including this one too. It is an amazing way to plant your flowers and create a stunning environment by making this DIY tiered wood planter. You can see the sequences of boxes attached to each other. How beautifully they are built. I seriously love the plan, its smart and easy!!

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