bird feeders for small birds

Four Amazing Backyard Bird Feeders for Small Birds

In your backyard, if you want to see goldfinches, woodpeckers, chickadees, American robin, Finches, Lark Bunting, and other small birds, then you need to use bird feeders for small birds. On the other hand, if you want to see large birds then you should use large bird feeders in your backyard. Most of the time, when people start feeding birds in their garden, they imagine different types of birds sharing the food in their garden. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Large or aggressive birds do not leave any kind of food for the small ones.

bird feeders for small birds


Therefore, I’m sharing four ideas for bird feeders you can use to attract small birds.

4 Modern Bird Feeders to Attract Small Birds

1- Caged Bird Feeders for Small Birds

Caged Bird Feeders for Small Birds


To attract small birds you need to place a caged bird feeder in your garden. This is one of the greatest ideas you can use to attract only small birds. Caged bird feeders are available online on Amazon and eBay, and you can buy them at affordable prices. As the name suggests, these feeders come with a tube rapped in a cage. A cage around the tube feeder has small holes which are not suitable for large birds.

When you have a caged bird feeder in your backyard only small birds would come to eat food. So this is one of the best bird feeder plans to attract only the American robin, goldfinches, and other small birds.

2- Dome Bird Feeder

Dome Bird Feeder


Placing a dome bird feeder is another great bird feeder idea to attract small birds only. This is one of my favorites small bird feeders because it is adjustable. The dome on the upper side can be adjusted, you can slide it down to create a small space that will only be suitable for small birds.

I’m using this for the last four months now, and every morning I enjoy a lot seeing many of my favorite small birds. You can easily buy the dome bird feeder via Amazon or eBay.

3- Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

Hanging Hummingbird Feeder


If you are looking for bird feeders with trays hummingbird feeder is the best one. This feeder comes with a tray/dish at the bottom, see the picture to have a clear idea.

One of my favorite activities during the summer is seeing hummingbirds in my garden. If you haven’t seen hummingbirds in your backyard, believe me, or not, you have missed a lot of fun and happiness. Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on earth with a size of 7.5–13 cm in length (approximately).

4- House Bird Feeder

House Bird Feeder


Hopper feeder or house bird feeder is a modern backyard bird feeder which only allows small birds to eat their favorite food. You can place this in your backyard and start attracting your favorite small birds. House bird feeder’s unique design only allows small birds to eat and on the other hand, it also prevents squirrels.

Bird Feeders for Small Birds

So now you have the list of some of the best small birds feeders you need in your backyard to attract beautiful birds. Do not forget to share what is your favorite Bird Feeder to attract small birds in 2021?

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