Kitchen Organizer Ideas

Kitchen Organizer Ideas & Hacks to Double the Storage

Working in a kitchen is a difficult task and it becomes two times difficult when your kitchen is not organized. Whether you are a housewife or working in a commercial kitchen, you need to organize your kitchen in the best way so that you can work fastly and efficiently. Organizing different things in your kitchen will not only improve your workflow but also double the storage.

Kitchen Organizer Ideas


How to Organize My Kitchen?

Today, I’ll discuss the 6 best kitchen organizer ideas you should adopt in 2021 to double the storage and making your work easy.

  1. Install cutlery tray
  2. Install hooks
  3. Add dividers for sheets and pans
  4. Drawer spice rack
  5. Install magnetic knife bar
  6. Add rolling shelves

1- Install Cutlery Tray

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The cutlery is different kinds of hand tools like forks, knives, and spoons used by cooks and diners. Sometimes the search for these tools creates a big mess. You often need one tool after another when cooking, but you don’t remember where you have placed them last time? A cutlery tray is the best kitchen organizer rack to place forks, knives, spoons, etc.

When you have a cutlery tray in your kitchen you can effortlessly find cooking hand tools at the right time. Thus, it will save you time and extra space.

2- Install Hooks

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Installing hooks is another great small kitchen organizer idea you should adopt to arrange mugs and glasses. Coffee/tea mugs and glasses are an essential part of a kitchen. Usually, people have placed these mugs/glasses on the shelf. This takes extra space and increases the chances of breakage.

3- Add Dividers for Sheets and Pans

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Another modern kitchen organizer hack is adding dividers for placing baking sheets and pans. If you do not have any idea about kitchen dividers you can search online and buy easily from Amazon or eBay. You can place a divider perpendicular to the shelf and put sheets and pans in it.

4- Drawer Spice Rack

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Adding a spice rack is our fourth organize kitchen idea cheap. You can buy this online or make it yourself also because it’s easy. Simply, open youtube and search for a tutorial on how to make a spice rack for free. There will be several videos in front of you, watch anyone and make a drawer rack to put spices.

5- Install Magnetic Knife Bar

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Usually, people use a knife block set to put knives. I do not recommend this at all, using a knife block makes your knives dull and useless. Instead of this add a magnetic knife bar in your kitchen. This is a modern kitchen organizer idea you must adopt in 2021. You can buy a quality magnetic knife bar online. All you need to do is hang a magnetic bar on the kitchen wall and place your knives in a single place with ease.

6- Add Rolling Shelves

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The last idea on my kitchen organizer storage list is adding rolling shelves. You can install rolling shelves in your kitchen to manage different kinds of utensils.

Kitchen Organizer

So by following these ideas you can organize your kitchen and make life easier. In the comment section below, do not forget to share with us how are you organizing your kitchen in 2021?

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