Hiking Gears for Beginners

5 Must-Have Hiking Gears for Beginners – Best Guide 2021

What Gear Do I Need for Hiking?

Here are the five hiking gear essentials you should have before trekking or camping.

  1. Bag
  2. First aid Bag
  3. Map & Compass
  4. Food & Water
  5. Hiking Boots

I love trekking and camping. It’s been ten years now that I didn’t miss a single chance of doing something adventurous. When I was a beginner, I faced a lot of difficulties in hiking and camping.

Hiking Gears for Beginners

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But it was my passion that didn’t let me down, and with the passage of time, I’ve learned a lot of things regarding hiking and camping. There is no doubt, hiking or camping is not easy. However, if you are passionate and have some basic knowledge you can live your dreams.

Today, I’m sharing something very important regarding few essential hiking gears you must have as a beginner.

5 Must-Have Hiking Gears for Beginners

1- Hiking bag or Rucksacks

The first and foremost hiking tool is the hiking bag which is also known as Rucksacks. If you do not have a hiking backpack, I recommend not even think about doing hiking. A rucksack is very important. It is the tool that will be used to carry other crucial hiking and camping accessories. You can buy an affordable hiking bag easily from the nearest local market. Apart from this, a lot of rucksacks are available online on Amazon and eBay.

Keep in mind, purchase a waterproof hiking bag. It is important. Because if the weather gets bad, a waterproof bag will keep other essential hiking tools safe. For beginners, a 20-40L camping backpack is good enough.

2- First aid Bag

First aid Bag

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The second most important tool you should have in your hiking kit is a first aid bag. You can buy a first aid bag via the local market and online marketplace as well. Readymade first aid kits are available in the market, and you can customize the bag as per your health requirements.


Take a look at a few things your first-aid bag should have:

  • First aid guide
  • Blood pressure kit
  • Gauze roll 4 inch
  • Glucose
  • Splinter Out
  • Multi Trauma
  • CPR Pocket Resuscitator
  • Rescue blanket
  • Stethoscope
  • Triangular bandage

Obviously, these are not the only things you should have in your first aid bag. You can add more items as per your needs.

3- Map & Compass

Map & Compass

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Map and Compass are two very important traveling tools. Even if you are not going for hiking or camping, Map and Compass is a must-have thing in your pocket. Using a compass is not easy. Therefore, before leaving for hiking or camping watch a video on Youtube regarding how to use a map and compass.

This is not the primary concern right now. Therefore, I’m not discussing how to use a compass and map.

4- Food and Water

Food for hikers - Fresh fruits

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While hiking or camping, you may have to face bad weather and other emergencies like landslides or injuries. So it is essential to carry some extra food and water in your hiking rucksack. You can keep extra food and water in your bag and always make it sure that the food or water you’re carrying is enough for at least one day of survival.

The most important thing you should remember is that always carry ready to eat food like:

Food for hikers

  • Fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Nuts
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit cakes
  • Trail mix
  • Nutrition Bar
  • Jerky
  • Cracker

5- Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots - Best hiking gear

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Do not start your hiking journey with casual boots. Always wear hiking boots that are made for walking over rough terrain. Hiking boots are made for hikers. These kinds of boots have metal bars in the sole and are more durable than walking shoes. Wearing hiking boots will give extra comfort to your feet and you’ll feel much relief while walking over rocky and uneven terrain.

Final Thoughts:

These are the essential hiking gears a beginner should have before starting hiking or camping. So now you are ready to start your journey and live your dreams.

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