DIY Sunflowers Home Gardening

Summer is coming soon and nothing looks great at your backyard  in this season. Sunflowers are heliotrope, which means that they turn their flowers to follow the movement of the Sun across the sky.Try sunflower to grow this summer.

Sunflower plants are one of the easiest plants to grow with plenty of  benefits. Here is step by step guideline and space options to grow sunflowers at your home.

How to grow Sunflower Gardens

1-Select a place with direct sunlight about 6 hours and good moisture content inside soil.

2-Dig soil up to 2 feet depth and prepare it by losing soil thoroughly.

3-Best temperature of soil is 15°C.

4-Sow seeds 1” deep in soil and provide distance between to seeds.

5-Suitable time to grow is mid-April to late May.

How to look after Sunflower Gardens?

1-When plants are sprouted apply some water ,when plants get 3” height  again apply water and after that apply water time to time according to need of plants.

2- Tall species require support. Bamboo stakes are a good choice for any plant that has a strong, single stem and needs support.

3-Though sunflowers are insect free plants, however care about insects because, sometimes, a small gray moth sometimes lays its eggs in the blossoms. Pick the worms from the plants.

Flowers picking for Home Decoration

For indoor decoration, cut stems early in the morning and look fresh for seven days at room temperature. You can place flowers in long glass flower pot and fill water, replace water every day to keep the flowers fresh.

Harvesting Sunflowers

1-Let the flowers dry on stem until the back of the head gets brown color, the petals die down and seed look plump. At this step cut stem about 6” below the flower using a sharp scissor and place carefully in a container.

2-Rub your hand over the seeded area to remove the seeds

3-Place seeds in sunlight for two days to dry seeds

4-Store seeds in an air tight jar.

Where you can grow Sunflowers?

 Here are some options to grow sunflowers at home.

1-Growing Sunflowers in Backyard

A sunny space along with backside wall is ideal to grow sunflowers.


2-Pallet Bed Sunflower Gardens

Raised pallet bed is suitable to grow sunflower also.

3-Garden Walkway Sunflower Gardens

Try back yard, along with walk way .

4-Country Style Sunflower Gardens

Have enough space at your home? Try country style.

5-Growing Sunflowers in Pots

Experience pots to grow sunflowers.

6-Growing Sunflowers in Container

Containers are also suitable to grow sunflower if there is no extra space.

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