Lightcycle Morph Lamp is built by Dyson to last for 60 Years

Established by Sir James Dyson in 1991, Dyson Ltd is a British technology company which designs and manufactures electrical home appliances such as hand dryers, blade less fans, air purifier, heaters, and lights. The company has unveiled a new lamp with some unique, contemporary features based on the Dyson Light cycle task that the company introduced last year. The lamp can is capable to provide different kinds of lights with a range of different positions and last for 60 years.

Based on location /time of the user, Lightcycle Morph can automatically adjust its color, brightness and temperature . Basically, there are installed an algorithm and sets of warm and cool LEDs enabling lamp to perform jobs stated above.

Through a revolving head the light reflects from wall and other surfaces which crates soft background lighting in the room. For use as spot light, it has better focus and reduces eye strain also. Feature light mode turns it upward again to enlighten a piece of art, while ambient mode lights up the stem in a warm comforting glow with little blue light.

There is an android mobile app which enables user to select and preset modes for relaxing, reading and other activities. The user can program and assign names for up to 20 different light settings. Age adjust is another nice feature of the Lightcycle Morph through which light of lamp grow brighter as user grow older.

The online sale of this unique product has been started on official website of the manufacture. The Lightcycle Morph has two versions, with the desktop version priced at US$650 and the floor version at $850.


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