DIY wooden doll house

Amazing DIY Wooden Doll House Plans

The idea of a homemade doll house is simply fascinating to both kids and adults. Everybody cherishes the childhood memories of playing with it. However, the expensive ready made doll houses could make you think twice before buying one.  If you are still planning to have it anyway, here are some nice and easy tips on how to make a wooden doll house.

Wooden dollhouses are sturdy and have a lot of scope for decoration. Wood is considered the best material to make it. You don’t need a lot of materials. Just arrange some old wood planks. Cut them into the same size to place them as side walls of the house. Now, keep them aside and cut two other wood pallets of larger sizes to make the top and bottom of the house.

A DIY doll house project just calls for a simple approach. It doesn’t have to be complex. After the walls and other two sides have been shaped, attach them with the help of nails and brackets. You can divide the house into two stairs and use small stairs. Some leftover thin tiles would work great as wallpapers.

Take the magical look of your homemade doll house up a notch by painting them with fresh floral colors. Kids love colorful lightings. Try and get some little colorful bulbs to decorate and make the insides well-lit. Every living place is incomplete without furniture. To give your DIY doll house project a more sincere outlook, place some miniatures of furniture like almirah and sofa etc. You can even create a huge house with a single floor!

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DIY wooden doll house

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