DIY dining table plans

DIY Hairpin Desk and Dining Table

Making DIY hairpin desk/table is probably the hottest and happening thing you can do at home! With very few things to start with, hairpin desk gives the house a groovy look. All you need is a woodblock of your choice (any design), hairpin legs, sandpaper, screws, varnish or paint.
First of all, choose a wooden block of your favorite style. Experimenting with a particular shape or a shapeless slab would give your DIY hairpin desk ideas a touch of versatility. If the wood is a little old or antique, give it a rub with sandpaper to make it smooth.
Weather bothers wood. You might want to save it from getting ruined. If you like the naturalness of wood, applying a coat of varnish would be enough. But in case, you want to try out something new, add a splash of color to your DIY homemade dining table by painting it.
Depending upon the purpose, the wood block weight might vary. Picking the right legged hairpins plays a vital role in making DIY hairpin desk and table balanced. If it is light, two legged hairpins would work. Use three legged hairpins when the slab is heavy and requires stability.
Creativity comes in while placing the hairpins with screws. Give your table an amazing look by playing with the positioning of hairpin legs. With ample angles to place, they can give wings to your DIY hairpin desk ideas. The steels legs are sturdy and easy to fit. If the wood is hard, use a drill machine and stay safe.
What’s left to do is finding a lovely corner for your dream table. Show off this DIY homemade dining table to everyone without worrying about a hole in your pocket!

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