Sloped Villa is a Green-roof family Home vanished into the Landscape

Studio Okami is a Belgium based architectural firm which is famous for its notable achievements in architectural field. The firm has recently deigned a three bedroom house called Sloped Villa at Mont-de-l’Enclus, Belgium.

The design of the villa is contemporary but classical which is constructed at hilly area among beautiful natural landscape. This is a single storied, green roofed house which is invisible from street level, as it disappears into its surroundings. However, local authorities take two years for approval of the design of the Sloped villa.

The Sloped villa includes central living area, large open lounge area, kitchen and dining area. To add comfort to the life of inhabitants, luxurious bedrooms and toilets are located nearby. This is a frame structured building in which brick work and concrete work  has done. The house comprise simple and traditional finishing work in which brick masonry and concrete work has left exposed beautifully. Timber flooring, full height windows and wood burning fireplace have been provided in the villa.

“By using the sloped terrain to hide the project, the city council was convinced to step away from the traditional regulations, allowing the client his dream for infinite views over the valley,” says the studio. “Within the building precinct the terrain was elevated, folded open, to allow for a 273 sq m [2,938.5 sq ft] single floor villa to be hidden in plain sight.”

At front side of residential area, exterior brick masonry staircase is located to provide access to the home. A garden is located at the center of the home, which provide good airflow, light to the “cave-like” bedrooms and also increase the beauty of this villa.


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