8 Amazing Honey Bee Shelter DIY Plans


Honey bees are amazing and beautiful creatures of God. The product they produce has countless health benefits for mankind. Beekeeping is perhaps one of the most rewarding and interesting hobbies to practices.

You can keep the bees at your backyard by providing peaceful and comfortable living space to them. Your first step should be to invest in the best beehive box you can afford. However, If you are good at DIY, you can create a cheap hive box. Here are some DIY beehive plans to consider.

1-Honey Bee Pallet Shelter DIY

This bee shelter is made of pallets. This is a simple but good-looking shelter and super easy to do. Keep it in an elevated location.

 Image source quarrylifeaward.tg

2-Wall Mounted wooden Bee Shelter

This is a small and comfortable shelter for honey bees, just follow the plan shown below and try it out. Hang it at a suitable place and height on the wall when the job is done.

You can also consider buying a nuc hive for professional use. It will provide more benefits.

Image source  content.yardmap.org

3-Plastic Drum Honey Bee Shelter

Get plastic storage can from a local store and cut it vertically from the center in two pieces, cover it with a pallet and fix four wooden legs as per the given plan.

Image source httpswww.shelterness.com

4-Multy-storey Wooden Shelter for Honey Bee

This is a wooden shelter with several stories.This is a shelter with a low footprint to keep beehive in maximum quantity.

Image source httpswww.theselfsufficientliving.com

5-Tree Branch Mounted Shelter Bee Shelter

Check out this wooden bee shelter with bamboo stumps which is mounted on a tree .This looks very amazing.

Image source diynetwork.com

6-Wooden Log Honey Bee Shelter

Repurpose your tree log and carve it to make a home for honey bees. This is very attractive and looks very cool.

Image source mankatofreepress.com

7-Concrete Honey Bee Shelter

Make a tiny room with cement concrete according to given plan .Don’t forget to give entrance space for bees.

Image source oraravalleyhoney.com.au

8-Wooden Elevated Shelter for Honey Bee

Try out this wooden elevated beehive shelter plan which is very simple to follow and also good looking.

Image source  trajna.com

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