Apple reinvents its NYC Store Cube

Apple’s one of most recognizable Fifth Avenue New York City store “cube” now has been opened after a substantial renovation. The architecture still sporting the same defining glass box entrance which was installed earlier in 2006 when Steve Jobs opened but now featuring more space and natural light inside with joint collaboration between Foster+ Partners and Apple specifically the architecture firm and Apple’s design team being headed by Sir Jonathan Ive.

apple NYC store

“The Fifth Avenue store was and is a continuation of Steve’s [Jobs] vision for Apple, with its iconic transparent cube, which is one of the most visited places in the city,” says Ive. “The new design seeks to build on the original idea and create a public plaza that celebrates the vibrant nature of New York City. It gifts Manhattan its greatest new urban room, a celebration of city life, diversity and creativity.”

After renovation now the architecture is double than the size of original building and it also increased the height of its ceiling. It features two new entrances with eye-catching spiral staircase and the natural light has also been boosted significantly. Further 62 skylights have been installed into curved fabric ceiling section.


To reduce the energy usage, an efficient ventilation system installed into the stone floor continuously monitors levels of occupancy and outdoor weather while the focus lighting integrated into the skylights illuminates the Apple’s products.

 The plaza located above the store has also been renovated with new tree and 9 “Skylenses” featuring additional light inside and somewhere comfortable to sit as well.

“Nine beautiful innovative mirrored ‘Skylenses’ are arranged in a grid either side of the glass cube,” explains Foster + Partners. “These public sculptures allow visitors to interact with the famous New York City skyline in a completely new way. Their seamless curved surfaces create a place to sit while providing a reflected perspective of the city’s architecture. The Skylenses feature an innovative circulatory cooling system beneath the top surface, designed to absorb solar energy and offer frost protection, allowing people to use them throughout the year.”


Apple and Foster + Partners also opened other stores in Miami and Taipei


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