DIY Christmas ornaments

Best DIY Fingerprint Snowmen Christmas Ornaments For Kids

DIY Christmas ornaments

The best way to celebrate Christmas eve is spending some quality time with the family. It is great to involve the kids in the Christmas celebration and you can tell them the importance of the day. To make your kids involve in the Christmas celebration, it is advised to make some DIY Christmas ornaments with the help of your kids.

In this article, I will guide you about some DIY Christmas ornaments project for kids. Let’s start with it:

Fingerprint Snowmen Ornaments

A Christmas tree is a must to celebrate Christmas all around the world. When you have a Christmas tree, you must decorate it as well and for this, you need different ornaments. For kids, the favorite part of the preparations for the Christmas celebration is decorating the Christmas tree.

They need different types of ornaments to decorate the tree. A fingerprint snowmen ornament is a great idea for the DIY Christmas ornaments for kids in 2019. Kids made ornaments for Christmas tree is a great idea as they can make new DIY Christmas ornaments each year and can hang that on their favorite Christmas tree.

A fingerprint snowmen ornament is easy to make for kids and they will like it as well. Here is a guide on how kids can make their fingerprint snowmen ornament for their Christmas tree.

Things Required

  • Non-Toxic Craft Paints
  • Paper Towels
  • Colors: white, orange, black, and your choice
  • Bulb style ornaments
  • Paint Brushes
  • Ornament hangers


Complete Procedure

You can take a bulb of your choice and the shape you want. There is a risk that paint wouldn’t stick on the bulb, a glitter bulb is a good choice so that paint can stick on it.

Use the glitter colors of your choice that can be orange, black or any other color. Paint it on the bulb.

Once done, now paint your finger or the index finger of your child with the white paint. Now stamp the index finger on the bulb to make the body of the snowman.

Repeat this procedure of stamping the finger with the white paint on the bulb to create as many snowmen as you want on the bulb. You can change the finger as well for different sizes of the snowmen.

Once you are done with it, now move to the next step. Use the craft paint to create the face of the snowman and you can use a brush with it which makes the task easy.

You can add the hats of the snowmen. You can also try adding arms, scarves and other things which make the snowmen super cool.

Once done, wait for some time so that paint can dry and stick on the bulb properly.

Now you need to hang these beautiful DIY fingerprint snowmen Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree.

This project is super easy for the kids and they will enjoy making this amazing Christmas ornament this year. It will be a great memory as well as they can see this hanging on the tree every year. You can make different snowmen ornaments with different colors and different shapes so that it looks beautiful and attractive.


The idea and the pictures are taken from Easy Peasy and Fun.

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