DIY fabric flower Makeover

Awesome Fabric Flower Makeover

I’m going to show you how to make fabric flowers that can be used on a variety of things. I realize there are lots of fabric flower tutorials out there as well, but these are very simple to make, yet look so elegant.

Probably you know lot of methods how to make fabric flowers, but in this tutorial I’m going to share with an easy DIY project of homemade fabric flower. It’s a cool, easy and simple to do DIY project. You can decorate your home with fabric flowers, therefore it’s important to know how to make fabric flower in home. Fabric flower can be made in a family weekend project. You’ll really enjoy the project. Following items are required to start this simple project.

  1. Silky synthetic fabric (chiffon, taffeta etc.)
  2. A tea light candle or a lighter.
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Card stock (for circle templates)
  5. Scissors
  6. Felt circles

Embellishments: tulle, pearls, feathers, beads, buttons,

Optional for hair: headbands, clips, bobby pins

Step by step

First of all cut out a template of 5-7 circles on card stock paper. Make additional circle, each circle ½ inch bigger than the next. If you use dark marker, then cut it inside marker line so that it’s doesn’t show on the fabric. Next take each circle and put it close to the flame so that it curl slightly. Turn the circle around so that all edges are curled. Now put dot of hot glue onto the bottom/middle of smallest circle. Then layer it inside the next biggest circle. Now take these two circles and put hot glue and layer it into the next circle. Continue the process until all circles are glued together.

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DIY fabric flower Makeover

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