DIY how to paint mason jar

DIY Painting Mason Jar

Painting a mason is an easy DIY project. Surely you’ve read so many tutorials about this project, but here I would like to share with a nice tutorial about how to paint a mason jar. You’ll need clean jar (always store your clear jars and bottles don’t throw them away as you may need it any time for crafting) gloss-Lustre Mod Podge, paint brush, foold coloring and water.  Mix the following items together.

1 tsp of Mod Podge

3-4 drops of food coloring

1.5 tsp of water

If you want awesome look, mix 2 drops of blue and one drop of green color. One mixture of this type will be sufficient 4-6 jars depending on size. Paint the jars with mixture and let it dry for few moments or put the jar in the plate and heat them for 30 seconds in oven for immediate result. This was a tutorial about painting mason jar, apply and enjoy it-it’s easy.

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