Easy driftwood hanger makeover

Rustic Driftwood painted Hanger

Once we were traveling near a forest, we found driftwood. Since long period, we’ve been using driftwood in different DIY projects to make pallet furniture piece. Today we’ll discuss a simple project of driftwood hanger makeover. You’ll need following material for this simple project.

Gather your materials:

  • piece of driftwood or a branch
  • masking tape
  • paints & paintbrushes
  • picture hangers
  • screw-in hooks
  • hammer
  • pliers

Let’s start with clean and dry wood. We use tape to mask off strips. We flatten the edges of the tape thoroughly to make sure that no paint seeps underneath. Then we paint the first strips and let them dry. We paint the stripes thoroughly and remove the tape carefully.

We continue this process of taping and painting until we found our desired result. Now we hammer in hanger depending on the length of wood and weight of the objects. Yes! Your driftwood hanger is ready, put it in the wall and organize your favorite stuff.

You can also add your little flare to the wooden hangers by customizing it with laser engravings, etchings and colours to display your clothing style. You can use it to hang clothes, jewelry, keys and for measuring spoons. I’m dead sure that you’ll really enjoy this project.

Easy driftwood hanger makeoverPainted driftwood hanger makeover

Simple DIY driftwood hanger

Hanger made from painted driftwoodDIY painted driftwood hanger

Easy Painted Driftwood hanger makeover

Painted Hanger made from DriftwoodSource

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