Best Plastic Bottles Recycling DIY Ideas

Millions of plastic bottles are wasted every day throughout the world. These are very useful in every aspect of our daily lives from cola bottles to laundry detergent. For the healthful atmosphere of our planet, it is essential to recycle and reuse them instead of throwing away . So what can we do? Here we have some ingenious ideas for reusing plastic bottles, these are great to minimize environmental impact and even save money.

DIY Stationary holder

Plastic milk jug is suitable to convert into stationary holder to keep pencils, pens and other stationary inside. Cut the bottle at suitable point, apply paint, adding some decorative ornaments and placing it at the place where you want.

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Cell phone holder

Used plastic shampoo bottle is suitable to use as cell phone holder while you want to charge cell phone mobile.Apply paint, add some decorative ornaments and place it.


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DIY Bird Shelter

Used plastic water bottle can be easily transformed into bird shelter at home. Make entrance space by cutting, install wooden sticks for their sitting and provide food for birds.

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Used Cola bottle is ideal to convert into aeroplane for kids. Following plan is very helpful to make aeroplane .

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Grow Plants Inside

You can grow vegetables/plants in old cola bottles. Just cut them in rectangular shape, fill earth and grow your favorite seeds inside.

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Indoor lighting

Install electric bulbs inside plastic bottle for indoor/ outdoor use after cutting it from top side at suitable length. These lights look very adorable at night.

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Decoration Piece

You can make very good looking wall mounted decoration piece by following the image shown below.It is not so difficult to follow.

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Bottle shovel

After cutting as per given plan empty milk jug can be converted into shovel .This is very useful for gardening purpose.

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Book holder

After cutting at suitable points used milk jug can be easily converted into book holder .Fix at required location and your book shelf is ready for use.

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Magazine holder

After cutting from topside at suitable point,  used cola bottle  can be easily converted into magazine holder .Fix at desired location and your magazine shelf is ready for use.

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Camera lens cover

After cutting from topside  at suitable point  used cola bottle  can be easily converted into camera lens cover  .

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