The CH730 Villa is Luxury Home and Real Cliff Hanger as well

DAZ Architects is a Lebanon based architectural design studio with outstanding achievements in architecture. A local client has given them task to design a family house in hilly area near Lebanon. This family house dubbed CH730 Villa include a skew downward according to slope of the mountain and offers fantastic views of the surrounded natural landscape.

The house looks like a concrete rectangle which is finished in wood and light weight cladding. For fully or partially off-grid living, the house comprises a solar powered setup.

“The basic conceptual idea behind this project was to build a home with three main objectives: achieving a good adaptation in the overall streetscape, inserting the building into the topography of the original terrain and implanting the client program: the result, conserving the environment with a potential of altering different views,” says Daz Architects.


Located at a village Channiir in Mount Lebanon, the CH730 Villa keeps 810 sq m (8,718 sq ft) area however interior space measures 567 sq m (roughly 6,100 sq ft. This is a five story building including two basements. The Ground floor includes main living area with a living room, dining room and kitchen. First floor offers four bedrooms including one master bedroom and every bedroom keeps a luxury bathroom .Furthermore a garret space on second floor provides another bedroom and living area.


The first basement in this villa features a lounge area, pool table, guestroom, diesel/water storage area and a room for servant. Swimming pool is approachable from second basement and provides storage space for gardening and many more.


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