10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers


It is a great idea to decorate your home with flowers on different occasions and events. Especially on Christmas eve, you can use different colors of flowers along with Christmas ornaments to decorate your home.

It is also a well-known fact that flowers can improve mental health and can improve people’s moods as well. So it is like a double treat if you select fresh flowers as a decorating material at home.

Usually, home decoration is a time-consuming project that requires a lot of money as well. But if you pick up some flowers from your garden, you can use them in so many different ways to bring a new look to your living space. You can have stunning effects on your next home decor projects by using different floral arrangements.

Here I am going to provide 10 creative ways to decorate a house with flowers from your garden.

Rustic Suspended Floral Ladder

rustic suspended floral ladder

The entryway or a lobby of your house is the best place to have a great first impression as you or your guests enter the house. A floral arrangement can do the trick for you and it will enhance your atmosphere with an aroma.

You can use a rustic ladder for this purpose. You can use two pieces of ropes that can help to suspend this rustic ladder near the ceiling. You can then hang a beautiful floral light with the ladder that is covered with your favorite flowers.

Use Flower Bouquet To Decorate Bedroom

flower bouquet bedroom

If you want to make a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom then you can use the Flower bouquet around the bed or on the dressing table. You can also mount the flower bouquet on the walls.

Check our step by step guide about how to make DIY flower bouquet. You can use this guide to make the wedding flower bouquet as well.

DIY Birdcage Planters

DIY birdcage planter

Do you have an old birdcage at your storeroom? If yes, it’s time to repurpose your old birdcage into a beautiful planter. Take out your old birdcage and clean the dust, it is preferred to wash it with hot water.

You can paint the birdcage to give it a fresh look and then plant your favorite flowers, your DIY birdcage planter is ready. You can hang it in the garden or if the size of the cage is small, you can have it indoor as well.

Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging Flower Basket

Using old baskets is another way to decorate your house with fresh flowers. You can get medium size baskets from the market and you can put fresh flowers in that basket after every two or three days.

Then you can hang these baskets on the entry point or in your kitchen, living room or even in your bedroom. Here you can check more flowering hanging basket ideas.

White Flowers in a White Vase

white flowers in white vase

If you want to bring freshness to your indoor, you can use a crisp white flower bouquet. To make it more elegant and attractive, you can use a white vase as well which will provide a whole new brighter look to your interior.

User Rubber Boots as a Vase

rubber shoes flower vase

Using rubber boots that are waterproof can be used to decorate your home with beautiful tulips. You can use bright color flowers on any rainy day to add some sunshine to the house.

You can also use your favorite flowers in your old shoes that you don’t need anymore.

Use Old Bottles to make Simple Vase

old bottles flower vases

Don’t throw your old bottles as you can use these bottles in a variety of ways. Making a collection of old bottles vases is one of the great uses. You can put these bottles on a rustic wooden stand that will look beautiful with colorful flowers.

Colorful Handmade Vase for Dining Table

colorful handmade flower vase

While having dinner with the family it is good to have a colorful handmade vase with bright red flowers in it. You can make this handmade vase yourself. As you are going to use red flowers, it is good to use a white and red combination for the vase.

You can use color pencils or colored straws and keep them around the vase and then put your flowers in between those pencils or straws. You can also use candy canes for this purpose but in that case, you need to keep the vase out of the reach of kids.

Vases for Kitchen

decorate kitchen with flowers

While decorating your house with flowers, you can’t forget your kitchen. It is good to place 2 or 3 flower vases on the kitchen shelf to enhance the environment of the kitchen with aroma.

You can use old teacups, teapot or other old pots as vases and can decorate your kitchen with flowers.

Miniature Vases Made of Eggshells

flowers in eggshells

For a fresh and springy look, you can have a table composition of flowers in eggshells. You can add white or red roses in the eggshells. Adding pebbles, green twigs, dried flowers or any other decoration pieces that you like.

You can also use the seashells in the eggshells to have a more attractive look.

Most Important Thing to Consider

As we know that flowers can stay fresh for 2 to 5 days normally while there are some flowers which can last as long as 12 days. But after this time, the flowers will get wilted.

While you have decided to decorate a house with flowers, you also take a few steps to make sure that your flowers last longer. Read a few tips on how to keep fresh cut flowers alive longer.

  • Put the flowers in water as soon as you cut the flowers from the garden.
  • Don’t forget to cut the leaves from the stem of the flower.
  • Cut the stem on an angle just before you dip the flower in the water.
  • Make sure that a small part of the stem stays out of the water.
  • Change the water of the vase daily.
  • You can add soda water in the vase as well it will provide extra sugar to the stem.
  • If you don’t have soda water, you can use a tablet of aspirin.
  • Select a bit darker and cooler place to keep your vase of flowers.

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