Make Your Own bird feeder


This easy-to-make Homemade Bird Feeder will be a hit with the kids! Save your empty milk cartons & get ready to DIY!

Make Your Own bird feeder

Bird Feeder: Make Your Own

Add stickers and other embellishments to the DIY Bird Feeder. Learn how to construct a handmade birdfeeder with stuff you most likely already have! It was a great time.

This is an easy craft that will keep the kids entertained for hours! Plus, once you’ve completed this DIY Bird Feeder, it’ll be fun to watch the birds!

I’ve often wondered what to do with empty milk cartons, and now I know.

Steps to making your own bird feeder?

This could also be done with half-and-half or creamer containers. You could even build smaller bird feeders from single small cartons of milk. I’ve also seen bird feeders made from plastic bottles.

east diy bird feeder

Almost certainly, you already have all you require at home. Yeah!

A huge quantity of bird seed can be ordered from Amazon. I prefer to get large bags so that I do not have to return to the store frequently. Plus, having it delivered to your door is convenient.

Every morning, I enjoy looking at the birds. Outside my kitchen window, on a tree, there is one. It’s very lovely because I can view all of the lovely birds whether doing dishes or simply in the kitchen.

Let’s get this DIY Bird Feeder up and running!

If your kids liked making DIY crafts, they’ll love making a DIY birdfeeder! The ability to see the birds will delight the entire family.

This easy and simple DIY project will have you spotting all sorts of wonderful things, from birds & squirls to other feathery companions. Blue jays are one of our favourite bird species to observe in our bird houses. It’s stunning!

Try your hand at making this simple bird feeder.

Milk carton bird feeder materials include

  • utility knife that
  • an empty milk carton
  • white spray paint permanent marker (We used Rustoleum)
  • Stickers with sticky foam
  • Pencils for painters
  • yarn stapler
  • skewered bamboo
  • cutters with a diagonal
  • seeds for birds

how to make a bird feeder?
bird feeder ideas
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Milk carton bird feeder

How can you make bird feeders?

  1. Draw a square shape or any other shape on the empty milk cartons’ sides with a permanent marker. To remove the milk container, use a utility knife. The insert should be thrown away.

Make a little x mark on the bottom of the carton using the point of your utility knife. On the other side of the milk carton, repeat the operation.

tall bird feeder

  1. Push a bamboo skewer out the X mark on the opposite side of the milk carton. With diagonal cutters, trim the bamboo skewer to about 1′′ on each side of the container.

3.Paint the carton white or any other colour you want using spray paint. Allow to fully dry. To cover the text on the container, multiple coatings may be required. Rust-Oleum paint and primer were used to complete the project.

  1. Use a hot glue gun to adhere foam stickers to your milk carton if you don’t want to use sticky foam stickers. Paint pens can also be used as accents. Decorate to your heart’s content.
  2. Hang the bird feeder with a piece of yarn attached to the milk carton. If required, use a staple to secure the yarn to the milk carton. This step makes it more secure, particularly if there are strong winds.

6. Fill the bird feeders with bird seed and place them outside for the birds to eat.

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