DIY card ideas for birthdays

Cute DIY Card Ideas for Friends – Make a Card In 10 Minutes

It’s always fun and a beautiful piece of gesture to give a card to your best friend, parents, or boyfriend. If you are a person that loves to do DIY things, then you must know that giving a card to a special person becomes more meaningful when you made it yourself.

If you are looking for DIY greeting card ideas, then you are at the right place. Making a card for your best friend or any other person is not rocket science. Believe me, you can make lovely cards for boyfriend in just 10 minutes.

Today, you will learn handmade card-making ideas that are easy to design. Remember, Giving handmade cards to loved ones will enhance the love chemistry between the two people.

Handmade Card Making Ideas

1- Choose the base card

DIY Card Ideas


This is important. Choose the color wisely and according to the occasion. The color you choose will be highlighted on the front. Also, make sure that the paper you have is durable and does not deteriorate quickly.

2- Fold the card

DIY greeting card ideas


Fold the card with loads of care because a minor mistake at this step could deteriorate your card. You can use a bone folder, and with the help of this tool, you can fold the card correctly.

3- Choose a writing pen

cards for boyfriend


Choose a pen as per your liking. You can use a regular marker for this. The important thing to keep in mind is that whatever you write on the card should look special.

4- Choose a ribbon

Choose a ribbon to place on the top or center of the card. You can choose any color for this. If you have any color scheme in mind, choose accordingly.

5- Use a glue

To attach the ribbon, heart shape art, or any special character on the card apply glue.

6- Write down the best wishes

handmade card-making ideas


For instance, you are making a birthday card, you can write best wishes. Example: “Thanks for you being you and being mine.”

7- Attach a few pictures inside

We all have some great memories and funny moments in our lives. If you have pictures of some memorable moments with your friends, do not forget to attach a few of them inside.

8- Complete the card

DIY card ideas for birthdays


When you finished all these things, it’s time to attach some special characters on the front. You can use stars, heart’s signs, or smiley faces for this. Attach these things with glue on the front, and you’re done!

9- Choose an envelope

Choose the envelope for the card. Remember to choose a size that fits your card easily.

Handmade Card Ideas Birthday

So you are ready to make a cute card for your loved one. The ideas you have read above are the best DIY card ideas for birthdays. It is always great to give a handmade card on birthday instead of a store-bought card.

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