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Different Types of Knives and Their Features

There is a huge diversity of shapes, sizes, and materials that may be found in knives and multi-tools. Your planned uses and activities will guide your decision over the knife or equipment to purchase.

It’s possible that the gear you need for vehicle camping or everyday use is going to be quite different from what you’ll want for ultralight hiking.

Different Types of Knives

Knives can be as simple as those with fixed blades or as complex as those with specialized blades designed for specific uses, such as carving wood or rescuing people from dangerous situations.

It doesn’t matter what kind of knife you carry with you, but you should have a good high-quality belt carry sheath for your own safety.

Some people feel the need to carry more than one knife with them at all times because there is no single tool that can perform every function. You can, however, choose a single knife that will fulfill most of your requirements provided you give it some thought and consideration.

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives with foldable blades are convenient for outdoor activities like trekking and backpacking as well as day-to-day activities like cutting food and opening packages. When not in use, the blade is stored safely inside the handle, where it is shielded from accidental contact.

On the other hand, smaller folding knives typically lack the ergonomics and stability of larger fixed-blade knives, and if the blade isn’t locked in place, it could accidentally fold down on your fingers while you’re using it.

Fixed-Blade Knives

The strength, heaviness, and ergonomic comfort offered by fixed blades are superior to those of folding knives. They are less difficult to clean, but they are also heavier, take up more room, and need a sheath in order to be carried safely.

Knife Features

Locking Blade

A knife with a locking blade possesses both the steadiness of a knife with a fixed blade and the portability of a folding knife. When not in use, the blade can be stored in a more compact and secure manner by folding it up, after which it will lock into place to prevent it from falling out of its retracted position by accident.

One-Handed Opening

There are certain folding blades that can be opened with one hand and relatively quickly. When you push the blade open with your thumb, it should be easy to do so since the folding mechanism should be smooth and the blade should have a stud, notch, or cutout.

One hand or the other can effortlessly open the blade of an ambidextrous knife.

Opening Help Provided

When you make the first move toward opening the blade, an assisted-opening mechanism kicks in and opens the knife to its full potential.

Assisted-opening knives have a safety lock that, when the knife is closed, disengages the mechanism that allows the blade to open. This keeps the blade from opening by accident.

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