how to start gardening in small home

DIY Modern Indoor Garden Ideas

Greenery soothes us. This is the reason we always love to spend time in a park or around trees. However, it is not always possible. With smaller apartments and lesser space to live with, modern indoor gardening trends are catching up. The little corners available in the balconies or window sill can be used for the same. The leftover or unused mason jars are great options to plant small herbs in the house.

The DIY indoor gardens can not only light up the house but also provide various herbs that can be used in the kitchen. For example, cilantro, oregano, and rosemary are perfect for the kitchen window-sill. Old plastic bottles in hanging along the walls in horizontal manner act as a pot for the plants. When it comes to space-saving indoor gardens, tea cups are an antique and sophisticated choice. Basil will grow well in an old wine bottle.

Old shoe boxes are sturdy and huge. They can perfectly take the modern indoor gardening trend up a notch and are eco-friendly too! If you have any leftover tin boxes of biscuits, tea leaves etc, plant some saplings in it and place them around the corner. Besides herbs, there are many small plants which flower all along the year. Planting the colorful flowering plants would add a splash of colors to your DIY indoor gardens.

Old bulbs look glamorous when used as flower pots. Paint some decorative designs with glass paint and tubes and glitter tubes. Use the spherical portion as the base and keep it upside down to make your space-saving indoor gardens.

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