how to assemble a picnic pallet table

DIY French Style Pallet Picnic Table

If you want to enjoy your picnic in real means then you should build your own picnic style pallet table for outdoor. This handmade wooden table has been well crafted from reclaimed wood with no bench choice. This antique wooden table includes two benches which can be pushed under the table. In this way, it can adjusted in small space, room or tiny house, patio or whatever.

To give it a beauteous and smooth look, it has been coated with 2-3 wood varnish and buffed as well. It may not look exactly as appearing in the picture because of each wooden piece has its own uniqueness and look however it’s very unique and special pallet furniture overall.

It’s a multi-functional picnic style table which can be used both indoor and outdoor, however indoor use is most recommended.

DIY outdoor pallet table

build your own pallet table

DIY French pallet table

how to assemble a picnic pallet table

homemade beauteous picnic table

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