saudi prince killed in crash

Saudi Prince killed in helicopter crash during Aerial Inspection near Yemen border

Saudi prince Mansour bin Murqin has been killed in helicopter crash, while he was travelling in helicopter with several officials near Yemen border Al-Ikhbariya news channel said. The reason of the crash is unknown. Prince Mansour was the deputy governor of Asir province.

saudi prince killed in crash

Saudi Arabia said that they’ve intercepted a ballistic missile, fired from Yemen near Riyadh airport just a day ago.

An anti-corruption body, led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has purge targeted dozens of people, including 11 princes and four ministers in a matter to cement the strengthen the power of the heirs to the throne.

The fate of the other occupants of the helicopter is unclear but Saudi news outlet Okaz said that some unconfirmed reports says there were no survivors. All the occupants were on an aerial inspection of the region at the time, it said.

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