DIY Phone Cases

10 Ideas for DIY Phone Cases

The protection of a phone is warranted because of its high cost, but with what? It’s possible that store-bought cases are boring and unappealing.

There are certain phone cases that are more expensive than you are willing to spend on them.
We are all for skinning your gadget with a do-it-yourself phone case, even though there are some more adventurous souls who would choose to go caseless.

You will be able to locate a case below that is not only inexpensive but also possible to duplicate in its entirety, regardless of the level of craftsmanship that you have achieved.

Marbleize an Unobstructed Case

Marbleize an Unobstructed Case

Are you familiar with the process of marbelizing your nails? It is considerably simpler to reproduce this do-it-yourself technique without making a large mess.

Take some nail paint and put it in a vessel of water, then swirl it around to form this phone case.

The case should be dipped into the water after the marbling over the top of the water has pleased your satisfaction. Use three nail polish tones that are complementary to one another for the greatest effects.

Enjoyable Cross Stitch Pattern

Enjoyable Cross Stitch Pattern

Do you crave a case that makes you the topic of talk each and every time you are spotted using your mobile device? Some thread should be added.

The art of cross-stitching has been around for centuries, and this idea is a clever way to integrate it with contemporary technology. The finest aspect is that the possibilities are only constrained by your own abilities to be creative.

Purchase an empty case as the initial step in making this do-it-yourself phone case. You should then either come up with a layout for yourself or hunt up patterns that are lower in scale to follow.

Bold Patterns Using Washi Tape

Bold Patterns Using Washi Tape

Including some geometric details in your phone cover will make it more daring and up-to-date. Use tape to make this process as easy as it can possibly be.

The use of washi tape, which is reasonably affordable, continues to be a popular method for adding interesting accents to creative projects.

For the purpose of recreating this appearance, you will need to visit your neighborhood craft store and purchase three distinct colors or patterns.

Take a look at color palettes that are available online to obtain some ideas if you are having problems.

Bohemian Tapestry Phone Cover

Bohemian Tapestry Phone Cover

When the phone case is rough and has blunt edges, texting for an entire day might be a frustrating experience for your hands.

This do-it-yourself cover incorporates a thick and plush piece of tapestry onto the back of the phone, which will result in a far more comfortable grip on the device.

Include a Little Glitter

Include a Little Glitter

You might have felt the upsetting experience when you realized that the metallic back of your gold-plated iPhone was going to be covered up by the case if you are one of the numerous individuals who bought a rose gold iPhone.

A great number of individuals made the decision to either not use a case for their phone or to get a clear case.

Because clear cases are devoid of personality, this do-it-yourself project not only helps to highlight the color of the phone but also adds a touch of sparkle to the overall look.

Switch Designs with Craft Paper

Switch Designs With Craft Paper

For those who are interested in crafting, transparent phone cases are an excellent choice because they allow for easy to switch out the case as frequently as you switch out your pocketbook.

In the event that you are interested in scrapbooking, you should search through your collection of papers and select a few interesting patterns.

You might also reuse old paper for wrapping, a vintage greeting card, or tissue paper if you do not have a supply of paper on hand.

Obtain a Copy of Your Favorite Graphic Designers’ Work

Obtain a Copy of Your Favorite Graphic Designers' Work

In the event that you do not possess any items inside your home that may serve as an instance, you can want to think about printing a design from the internet.

Free patterns and designs that are precisely scaled for phone cases have been made available by a number of graphic artists all around the world.

Make a Paint Chip Case

Make a Paint Chip Case

Visiting a nearby hardware store and purchasing some paint swatches is yet another option for creating a colorful phone case that you can make yourself.

Make a template, and then slice the swatch to the appropriate dimensions. Simply make an opening for the camera, then insert it into a phone case that is see-through, and you are done. Your very own personalized case for your phone.

Try Pressed Flowers

Try Pressed Flowers

There are a variety of creative projects that can be made using pressed flowers; however, have you ever considered using them as an accent on your smartphone?

By adhering the petals to the interior of a transparent phone cover, certain pressed flower cases guarantee the protection of the petals. Instead of using a clear case, this idea makes use of an opaque white case, which really brings out the petals.

 A combination of resin is used to harden the outside of the object.

Create a Little Work of Art with Watercolors

Create a Little Work of Art with Watercolors

Crafters and artists alike will find this phone cover project to be not only straightforward but also very meaningful. Grab a sheet of white paper with a medium weight, and then choose an art medium to work with.

Paintings with watercolors were used to produce this piece of case art; nevertheless, markers might have a comparable effect.

In the event that you are unsure of your artistic ability, you may want to think about cutting out an entire page from a grown-up coloring book, coloring it to the heart’s content, and then utilizing that page as the case for your phone.

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