Make a Beautiful PVC Pipe DIY Pool Fountain For Kids

Having a beautiful pool in the house is just not enough. You should make it comfortable and beautiful so that you can spend your time at the pool with family or with friends to throw a wonderful party.

That is why it is important to decorate your pool to make it more attractive. You can do a lot of DIY things with your pool to enjoy swimming as well as the party. Making a pool fountain is one example that you can make when you want your kids to have some new activity on the pool.

DIY Pool Fountain For Kids

If you want your kids to enjoy their time at the pool, then cozy water is not just enough. You have to provide them a few more attractions as well other than a simple swimming option. Making a DIY pool fountain is a perfect idea as kids of 3 years to 10 years would definitely love a fountain at the pool.

You can make this DIY pool fountain either with a showerhead. This would be the easiest way to make a pool fountain. You can also use different options, like using a PVC pipe and making small holes in it. Adjust a small water pump and keep that pump in the pool alongside its wall. Make sure that this water pump is safe.

You should make the holes in the PVC pipe carefully so that when water came out of it, it should look like a fountain. A simple example of such a fountain can be seen in the video:

If you want your kids to enjoy the pool after evening time then you can do a little more with this pool fountain.

Adding dancing lights in the pool would be a great attraction for the kids. In fact, if you feel that it is difficult, you can look at an online store, a dancing water fountain with colored lights.

You can simply buy a dancing fountain or a musical fountain. In a musical fountain, you can see water dancing with the beats of the music that you play.

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