How to Make a DIY Extra Wide Pet Gate? A Simple Guide

Dog gates or pet gates are popular these days and pet owners, especially dog owners love to have a pet gate that can keep their dog at the bay. These gates are very handy when you want to keep your dogs at a particular location for some time.

You can find a variety of pet gates and other DIY pet products from the market with different qualities and different designs. The cost also varies for these pet gates and most of the time it depends on the material used, the quality of the material and finishing and the design as well.

Some pet owners go for a cheaper option, that is making their own DIY pet gate at home according to their custom requirement. They can also make a design that can match the rest of the home.

A DIY retractable pet gate is very common and many pet owners want this type of pet gate. Especially the dog owners want to have such a gate for their dogs.

In this article, we will check a brief guide about how to make such pet gate at home yourself. You can also check a few more pet projects here.

DIY Extra Wide Pet Gate

An extra wide pet gate can be built with various design options and it can also have a retractable function. This type of pet gate is best for those pet owners who have a big dog and they want him to stay at bay.

These are the materials that you need to make your extra wide pet gate:

  • One 4’ x 8’ plastic lattice panel
  • Six 8’ lattice caps
  • 60 lattice or ⅜ inch screws
  • Two sliding door latches
  • Nine 3-inch hinges

Also, get your DIY tool box so that you can use those tools to create the pet gate. You will be looking for the following tools:

  • Table saw or hand saw
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Measuring tape

This special pet gate is designed by Jennifer and you can learn how to build this DIY extra wide pet gate for your dog. You can watch her video or just search on Google for a step by step guide from Jenniferabout building this greater extra wide pet gate.

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