DIY Shoe Heel Repair

Use These Tips To DIY Repair Your Shoes At Home

Without graceful shoes your personality is nothing. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your dress is and how expensive jewelry or to watch you are wearing, if your shoes are not good, you won’t create an impact.

A little wear and tear with the shoes can destroy your whole grace and even if you are a lady who is wearing heels with the dress, you can’t even walk properly. If you are getting ready for the party, and you just noticed that your favorite high heel shoes are damaged, then you will be in trouble.

But you don’t need to panic. You can repair the broken heels yourself at home and then you can wear that and go to the party to join others. Check this DIY shoe heel repair guide.

DIY Shoe Heel Repair

Follow this simple guide for DIY shoes heel repair at home without going to a specialist. In most cases, it will work fine.

Clean The Sole: At first, you need to clean the sole of the shoe. Make sure that you remove all the residue and dirt from the bottom of the shoe. If the sole has dirt on it or has residues, the heel won’t be able to stick with it.

Clean The Heel: Cleaning the heel is also equally important. Repeat the same procedure to clean dirt and residues from the heel as well.

Sand The Heel and Sole: Now use a good quality of sandpaper and start sanding the bottom side of the shoe. That is its sole from where the heel is broken. After sanding the sole, sand the top of the heel as well from where it will be attached to the sole. If you sand it properly it will be easy to join the heel and sole with the glue properly.

Apply The Glue: Now, you need to apply the glue on either side, i.e on the sole and on the heel. Wait for a few minutes so that the adhesive qualities of the glue improves.

Final Repair: Now the final step. Join the heel and the shoe and apply some pressure for some time so that glue can keep both parts together properly. After that use some rubber bands on the shoe so that heel properly sits in its correct position. You can put some weight as well but make sure that after putting weight and applying rubber bands, the heel is at the right position.

Wait for a few hours and your shoes are ready to wear. In case, this method won’t work, then you have the only option to ask for help from a professional. You can also check our DIY shoe storage solution and can learn how to organize your shoes properly.

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