Best Ideas To Make Your Own DIY Pet Fountain

Cats, dogs, and other pets love the running water that is why your cat might jump to the sink of your kitchen when you turn on the tap. If you don’t like your cat to jump onto the sink, then you should have a separate pet fountain for your cat or other pets at home.

Check some of these amazing DIY pet fountain ideas that you can make in no time. Also, check these DIY bird feeder ideas.

Ceramic Bowl with Bamboo Spout

This is one of the most beautiful pet fountains that you can make with a piece of bamboo and a dish. You just need to put some decorative rocks into the dish and install a small pump, keep that pump in the dish.


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Adjust the bamboo spout over the dish with the help of a few small wood pallets. Pump the water from the dish to the bamboo spout and your cat will love to drink water through this most beautiful pet fountain.

Glas Fish Bowel Pet Fountain

glass bowl cat fountain

Another way to make your own DIY pet fountain is to use a small fish aquarium glass bowl and its pump as well. Fix the pump in the bowel and half fill the glass bowl with the water.

Use some colorful glass needs to decorate your DIY pet fountain. Just turn on the pump and your pet fountain is ready for your pets.

Ceramic Pot Fountain

Your cat will love this ceramic pot fountain that you can make in just 5 minutes. Just take a big bowl and adjust a small pump in it with the help of duct tape. Use ceramic filter rings and a small bag filled with activated charcoal in this fountain.

Now your cat can drink fresh and clean water every time from this fountain. Make sure that you keep changing the water every day in case there is still some water.

Also, clean any pet fountain that makes at least once a week so that no bacteria can deposit into the pet fountains. It will be safe for your pets.

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