Smart Zendo apartment is a Smart and Space-saving Family Home

A two bedroom apartment has been converted into a smart, space saving, family home by a Hong Kong based architectural firm Sim-plex. Having 492 sq-ft (45 Sq m) area this smart Zendo home features multipurpose zones and space saving furniture .The design of apartment is based on traditional Chinese philosophies of Zen and Feng Shui.


Sim-Plex briefs about their project “The spirit of Zen is the pursuit of harmony, the Smart Zendo is based on the spiritual details of Zen, trying to combine natural scenery and emotion of home-stay, traditional Feng Shui aesthetics and smart technology. Smart homes are common in Hong Kong in recent years, but generally they have been shaped into a futuristic form.”


Utilizing smart living concepts into the home, the architects designed the living room on an elevated wooden platform which features various sections, allowing the living area to easily be changed into a dining room, cinema, activity room or an extra bedroom.



A hidden central dining table appears from the platform, converting the space into a dining area in seconds. The surrounding platform acts perfectly as bench seating for more than four adults so there is no need of chairs. The living area also keeps a full size window and a joined maple veneer media wall with extra storage space. Other section of platform provide enough storage space for blankets, cushions, kid toys and even books.

 Continued Sim-plex, “We used the concept of the Zendo to bring the view of the scenery outside the window into the house, the integrated TV cabinet wall and the wooden floor platform are plain and warm, but yet there were a large number of intelligent devices hidden within. The design is also integrated to the traditional Feng Shui doctrine, to create a spiritual space where tradition and technology, people and scenery are combined.’’

 There is a modern kitchen complete with quartz bench toping, attach to the living area. Kitchen features enough cupboard space, seating for casual dining and wall mounted, flat screen television. With a light weight sliding folding door, the living room can be closed off from kitchen. This area can be used as a guest bed room with added advantage of privacy.


Other section of the home comprises master bedroom having built in wardrobe space and hidden dressing table. The main bathroom features toilet seat, shower and basin area with extra storage space below. Second single bed keeps built in study desk and wooden platform for additional storage.



The home is equipped with several remote control features and smart technology functions including automatic lifting dining table, auto blinders, electronic door lock and hidden project screen.

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