Simple Crystal Flare Necklace Makeover

Gorgeous Crystal Flare Necklace Makeover

Every girl needs a statement piece that can easily spruce up an outfit and she sparkle at party. For this purpose she dresses well, do nice makeup and so many others. Let’s discuss an awesome DIY idea for crystal flare necklace. Making such a statement piece is easy and cheap, it also looks really incredible. You’ll need following materials.

Rope, superglue, 1 piece of felt, rhinestones, scissor, jewelry pliers, needle, thread, 2 end caps, a lobster clasp, and jump rings

Firstly cut your felt in square and plan your desired design. When your sketch is ready, add glue to the back of rhinestone using toothpick and press it into the felt. Continue this process until your design is complete. Now let it dry for a night. Then cut out the pattern close to the stones. Add glue to the end caps and press them onto the ends of rope. At the end sew the jewel clusters to the center of the necklace. Your crystal flare necklace is ready! It’s elegant, now enjoy!

Simple Crystal Flare Necklace Makeover

How to make crystal flare necklace

Crystal flare necklace makeover

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