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4 Easy DIY Kids Activities and Summer Crafts for Preschoolers

easy diy crafts for kids

School going kids bear a lot of pressure because of their studies and other curriculum activities. They have to spend a big part of the day in school and after that, they also have to study at home for some extra time. They need some fun activities to get fresh and to improve their performance in their study.

These fun activities might be the easy diy crafts for kids on the weekend so that they can enjoy their time in some creative activity. They can craft different things on different occasions. If they spend their time on the off days in making some creative DIY kids crafts they would be able to release the pressure of their study that they bear for the complete week.

You can find a lot of tutorials about Christmas crafts for children or DIY Easter projects on the internet. They can also make some useful crafts for their school and can use those DIY crafts in their classroom.

Here we are going to provide a few ideas for fun crafts to do at home with kids:

DIY Jellyfish

art and craft for kids with paperThis is an amazing DIY project for kids, especially for the preschool kids. Kids from the age of 3 to 6 years will enjoy making this easy and fun DIY jellyfish project for kids.

To make this DIY jellyfish, you need only a paper bowl, white yarn, paintbrushes and paints, glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint and a zipper bag.

To start this easy DIY project for kids, you need to ask your kid to use a paintbrush to paint the paper bowl from the front and the backside. Ask him to use different colors to make a colorful paper bowl that your kid will like.

Then you need to take white yarn and by making two small holes in the paper bowl insert that yarn into those whole to make a stand. Now cut the other white yarn in different parts. Each yarn should have a little difference in the size and should be colored differently by using a zipper bag. Insert some color in the zipper bag and put the white yarn into it to apply the color to that white yarn.

Then remove that colored yarn, clean the zipper bag and put another color and repeat the procedure. Repeat this for each piece of yarn for different colors.

Now insert these colorful yarns into the white yarn that is used to change the paper bowl. Your DIY jellyfish for kids is ready. Now you can hang it anywhere in the room of your kids.

DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

summer arts and crafts for kids

This is another super easy and DIY fun craft for toddlers. If you want to educate your kids about your family roots, then this project will be very helpful.

Toddlers will not only love this project but this will be super easy for them and you can also participate in the project and can help them.

Other than this thumbprint family tree, you can check this DIY birthday wishes card project for kids as well.

To start this project, you need a lead pencil, paper and two or three thumb stamps of green and light green colors.

To start this project, you need to make a sketch of a tree with its different roots but with no leaves at all. Once you make the sketch you need to write the names of your family members and ancestor.

Now the fun part begins for the toddlers. You need to hold their thumb and press it on the stamp and then stamp out the leaves on the branches of the tree with the thumb of the kid. Then allow your little kid to do this step himself so that he can enjoy doing this little and easy DIY project.

DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

christmas crafts to do with kids

December is upon us and in a couple of months, you will be busy getting ready to celebrate Christmas. You can find different Christmas decorating ideas here, but you should also involve your kids to make DIY Christmas ornaments for kids to involve them in this fun activity.

This will not be a difficult project for the kids and they will do it very well this holiday season. You can watch a few videos on YouTube or you can read different tutorial articles as well where you can learn how to make a DIY Christmas ornaments project for kids.

At first step, you need to go out with your kids and buy their favorite Christmas kids. Make it sure that kids are involved in the purchasing process.

Then you need to buy some ornaments as well from the market, or you can make a few Christmas ornaments at home as well. If you prefer Christmas crafts to do with kids at home that will be another great fun part of this DIY kids project.

After you make your ornaments with the kids, now you need to decide where you wanted to keep that Christmas tree in your house. Make it sure that you select the place with the feedback of your kids. Then help them to get the DIY Christmas ornament tree for kids ready.

DIY Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

summer crafts for preschoolersAnother great idea for the Kids DIY project is a pool noodle obstacle course. The best thing about this project is that it is not only creative and a fun idea, but it will also help your kids to have some outdoor activity.

They can play in the backyard garden if you help them to make this DIY pool noodle obstacle course. It will improve the physical strength and keep the kids active as it will involve physical activity. You can find the complete tutorial here for this project.

You will notice that in this tutorial they have used the sharp pencils to hold the pool noodle on the mini hurdle and the balancing beam which could be dangerous. Pencils can hurt the feet of the kids.

So make it sure that you use something else to hold the pool noodles so that the whole obstacle course project could be safe for the kids.

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