Here is Reason Why Fireflies are Disappearing

Do you have a summer memory about fireflies? Many of us have sweet memories of spotting and catching fireflies in warm evenings of summer, having grown up near to a wetland. But there are signs our kids may not grow up with the same firefly memories we had, because, unfortunately they are disappearing from marshes, fields and forests all over the world.

Fireflies are enchanting creatures that light up our nights and bring a sense of magic and charm to our environment. If they disappear, it will be a great loss for mankind all over the world. Nobody knows for sure. But according to latest research there are four reason behind this.

1-Light pollution

Male and female Fireflies communicate with each other through the light they emit. They also use light to define their area and to protect themselves from predators. According to latest research artificial lights, like lights coming out from a house or  streetlights, and temporary, like car headlights make it almost impossible  for fireflies couples to meet through which young firefly is created.

2-Lose of Habitat

Close to standing waters in forests with a warm and humid climate are the favorite environment of fireflies. The problem is throughout the world, our agricultural lands and forests are being paved over as well as our waterways have more progress which causes boat traffic   with light and noise pollution. As their habitat disappears under housing and commercial developments, firefly numbers reduce.

 3-Use of Pesticides in Agriculture

The chemicals used in pesticides for crops are very dangerous to fireflies. Fireflies are very sensitive and standing water or fields with chemical effects put very bad effect on life cycle of fireflies.

4-Increase in Predators

Hunting of fireflies by human as well as by insects is also a minor reason behind disappearing of fireflies from land.


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